US of A: A Nosey Aunt?

I am a movie enthusiast, a voracious movie watcher. Every night before sleeping I have to watch at least one movie and last night I watched a movie called ‘War Dogs’ a movie based on Iraq War and a true story, cracked me up but also made me question the reason America went to war in Iraq. It took me a little digging ( to find out that America went to war to Iraq to “to disarm Iraq of weapons of mass destruction to end Saddam Hussein’s support for terrorism, and to free the Iraqi people” in the words of George. W. Bush and Tony Blair. But why though? What did USA had to do with the “freedom of Iraqi people”, since when Americans got to compassionate of the needs of the people in the Western Asia? If there was sympathy involve Syria is suffering too, Zimbabwe is suffering too, what about the standoff in Gaza and Ukraine? There is no sympathy quotient in the heart of this Market Economy but a simple threat to the crown.
United States of America is the strongest nation of the world and with the strength comes the responsibility and heavy business, local news becomes the world phenomenon and everyone dreams the American Dream and why would America let that throne to be slipped off to some extra violent dictator who is backed with nuclear weapons and hence America uses the taxpayers money and send off soldiers to the unknown land for fighting and right on its heel is United Kingdom.
When the Allies won the Second World War, the world swore of global peace but soon came the Cold War and the need of staying on the top increased (everyone wants to he friends with the one cool kid) and USA soon realised the importance of being on the throne and it would do anything to secure it.
Why being on the throne is important, you ask?
The country becomes the Global Market, the economy booms and the world knows your name, ask Russia.
Anyways, so America had to secure its throne as Iraq was threatening war with all the cool and jazzy WMD and now North Korea’s leader is trying to take the throne again and what is America doing? Making its way to solve the their problem because why not.
It is a good initiative that USA takes for Global Peace Keeping, it is remarkable and much appreciated.
So thanks USA for safeguarding the world from Iraqi dictator, we bow down to you. You are our Lion King.
Also, don’t expect India to take this initiative because the days of General Service Enlistment Act of 25 July 1856 are over. Thank God.


Illegally Brunette

How easy is it to give into the stereotype made by humans to fit people in different slabs? The answer is easy but what if you are a misfit and you don’t fit into any stereotype but dance outside the boundaries?

I am a brunette, every hair on my body is of black color but sometimes I think I was born blonde. I am seriously having identity crisis at this point on my life, like I can easily bleach my hair and be blonde quiet literally but I love my brunette locks but my brain under the locks is that of blonde. Right now I am trying not to give into the stereotype but also in the back of my notions I am accepting them which is okay because I believe we all have stereotypic believes for a reason because they are literally true!

Like every brown person is good at studying because our parents sits with a hunter on our heads, every Asian man is disciplined because it is the people in their country likes it that way, Americans are loud because they like to get heard and people from British are classy because they sip tea! Just like that I am a brunette so I am suppose to be more calm and composed and not actually be a woo girl but um (get the ref please) I am !

I am illegally brunette who just wants to have more fun! Like every blonde in the world I cannot even and sometimes I want to be like OMG Becky but I actually I hate Becky because she has good hair and she is what Beyonce is singing about so I got to hate Becky but I don’t hate Becky, Becky is my best friend. Adding to the statement, I understand things slow, like really slow I am like internet explorer of brains and if you doubt it try telling me a story I would literally believe anything. One time, my best friend (not Becky) tried convincing me that there is ghost who is tapping me on the shoulder and guess what, there wasn’t any ghost. Can you imagine the amount of chaos it created? No because you don’t get what I am trying say! I don’t know how I stay without Starbucks though because where I live there isn’t any Starbucks and like I cannot live anymore but I haven’t tasted Starbucks yet but I am convinced I would love it when I would get it because I just love my frapp! I am also good with my clothes and I am like that girl from “get you a girl” meme. Now guess what my favorite hobby is? Gossip! I also like to read but I love gossip and just being a Mean Girl to everyone, I like giving fake compliments and turning around and laughing (I am not a bully though). There is also a side of me which is true girly and not based on hair color. I like expressing my opinion now matter how less I know about it, I care for people that I love, I am not a prissy-priss-priss and also have a serious OCD. As I write this I am eating my sprouts with salad on the side

It also makes me think how less I know blondes and how easily and trying to fit into you a slab and maybe I am not a total blonde because my bra size is medium and I cannot shout with my high pitched voice but I kid you not I am illegally brunette.


Starting from yesterday was my summer break that I had been waiting for since the day I entered my college, it started and I smiled, I went out to eat and came home, slept and then starting binged watching movies.

After my fourth movie I decided I really need to get my shit together for this summer, but it was too late to get my shit together, it was too late to do anything so I slept again.

I woke up today with a burst of joy and happiness and a kid like frolic-ness, I cleaned my room, tried to DIY distress my jeans, distressed it for three hours and then found out my jeans wasn’t fitting me, I was sad so I thought now I will get slim to fit in my DIY jeans, so I skipped my second lunch. I watched Pitch Perfect 2 and by the end of movie I wanted to learn guitar, called the guitar classes asked for the fees, too expensive hung up saying I have to take rocket ship building lessons and slumped back on the chair, then I cuddled with my mom while dreaming about getting spanked by a hot Spanish guy.

I woke up did some social media or maybe it did me judging by how exploited I felt after it was over and then I sat down and wrote a book (I write a book by the way, the link is somewhere in the blog treasure hunt for it), after that was done, here I am writing a blog post describing my day, I really want to give it a theme, or a funny ending maybe even a sad ending but that was it.

There is nothing I can say that will make people read my blogs, so I am writing this. At this point, I only write because I don’t want to feel guilty that I left my passion behind.

So ya that was my day. Also I picked up a fight with some random dude and police arrested me but it wasn’t a big deal, big deal is how random this post is.

I want to swear and say something irrational but I shan’t that is against my morals; just like earning millions is against my morals (can’t be a stripper).


I am Cool!

‘Cool’ what does that word mean? Well in temperature wise it means really like freezing and like really like minus like snowey… I don’t know what fucking cool means but I do know this that I want to be cool. I want to be the coolest around, so cool that the other person gets frost bites, so cool that that lava freezes, so cool that people wanna be just like me.

But like does it even matter, in the short run yes very very crucial but in the long run does it really? Will my kids not yell at me if I was cool in college or will young people not kick my old self around if I dab too often? Maybe not but does that stop me to walk like I own the place…hell nah.

Apart from being super cool like pool I also the type of a girl who wants to be the best girlfriend, like the best who gives less fucks where his boyfriend has been around, justifying cheating and there is absolutely no speck of jealousy. In the midst of being cool I am burning myself. I hate this feeling of pangs and pangs of jealously, the kind of pangs which bring me down my knees and cry but outside, nothing!

I legit see my boy standing next to other girls and I do nothing about it, of course why should I? I am sane, right? Wrong! I am insane, I hate when he talks to other girls, sees other girl, breath the same air as other girl, but outside I don’t give any fucks because I cool.

The hatred is not just for girls but for random things too. I want to say that I don’t mind if he doesn’t talk to me for days but I don’t!! If he leaves me for ten seconds I want him back, I am clingy one but I don’t accept my natural type but instead I am cool.

I want to say that I am cool if he doesn’t share his password details with me but little does he know I want his DNA so that I can clone him and have two like him but I am never gonna actually say that I am cool.

I want to say that it is utterly okay if you want to order a Big Mac Burger with extra cheese but I want him to get in serious shape and nag him until he produces abbs but I am never ever gonna say it because I am cool.

I have thought dozen times to let him know of my insecurities and cage him a box so that no other estrogen can even touch him but I know I will never do that because I am a cool girlfriend.

I don’t know what I get out of this maybe a little satisfaction that I am not like ‘Other Girlfriends’ which makes me think who are ‘Other Girlfriends’? Maybe the girls who keep their boyfriends under control, the girlfriends who ask for more dates or the girlfriends who keep keen eye onto their boyfriends always circling around them with their kitty cat claws and sharp beak, I will also take the time to imagine that they are wearing eye liner which is on fleak. They make their boyfriend’s lives a little inconvenient to live but what is wrong with that?

I want my boy always around me but I am not letting that happen, these girls are letting that happen and are actually happy with that and on the other side I am burning.

I honestly don’t know what being a cool girlfriend will get me but I am sure I will be a best friend before being a girlfriend (bullshit!! I am not his best friend I want to eat all his food and rule over him).

Anyways, I have less idea about all of this so I will continue my thesis on Britney Spear’s song Perfume and get back at this topic.



P.S- Listen to aforesaid wrong to see what I am trying to convey.















*The article was submitted by my very good friend.



Let’s Share Grammys!

This is a question to every girl out there, what comes to your head when you see a female who is a stranger to you?

Maybe a thought pops about how she is dressed or maybe the way she is walking/looking/smiling/eating, to the extreme a flame of jealousy burns your entire soul but has it ever occurred to you that you both are incredible human being who has come on Earth to slay men’s existence? Both of you are beautiful female, proud owners of the vag?

Maybe not, let me change that for you. Read till the end of this post and fall in love with your fellow female, metaphorically and literally, because we are all in this together.

When Lilly Singh coined the term ‘Girl Love’ I instantaneously fell in love with it because I related to it in heights. Why should we let people establish a belief that girls always fight, why should we give them a reason to call us out? We should we united isn’t it?

We become friends in mere seconds, we put pointy sticks in our eyes, and we dance in heels, regret it and do it again! We are the most beautiful people in the world, so why hate each other?

We have absolutely no reason to hate each other, because we make each other and we are the only one who knows what it means when we say ‘It is Okay’ (it is not okay, it is never okay, okay?)

There are abundant reasons to hate a fellow female:

A boy chose her instead of you? Well, you should be proud that your fellow female got a boy in her life.

You think her dress was tacky? Why don’t you share your fashion advices with her, politely!

You think she is a mess? I think you’re able to clean that up.

You think is overdoing things? Why don’t you match her and enjoy together.

What are you waiting for? Why don’t you go and talk to that girl who seems so interesting. Think about all the bars you can hit, all the clothes you can share and all the boys you can complain about.

Please don’t give me crap about, “oh we cannot get along, she is not my type”.

Both of you have an incredible soul, both have vag and both love some chocolate in those days.

We are in this together. Period. (Both types of period, mind you)

It seems like everyone is inspired by Mean Girls but has anyone watched the full movie? Instead of reenacting the scenes of back bitching and name calling we can reenact one scene of sharing the awards because we all deserve a fucking award for the days we go through, like we wear caged bras and pay a fortune for that inconvenience I don’t see why we should not get an award.

And don’t get me started on the drama over boys, like girl why? Why are you hitting on that boy who has a girlfriend? Respect them and be full of pride that your girl is killing the boyfriend game, love doesn’t come easy so don’t ruin it, kay?

I don’t get why girls seems to hate their boyfriend’s exes, like what is the deal with that? One relationship didn’t work out, the guy jumped into another one simple as that, why hate the poor girl who had to put up with your boyfriend’s anger, jealousy and disregard? She did a good job now it is your turn to complete your term.

Let us all celebrate femininity and thrive in it, let us share our Victoria Secret’s lingerie, tampons and dresses. Also, if you’re like a huge singer, who ruled the entire pop culture then share your Grammy!

Yes!! I am talking about that moment when Adele broke her Grammy into two and shared it with Beyonce, she was in tears, I was in tears, everyone was in tears, because why not? That was the biggest exhibit of girl love ever seen. I guess we want that kind of love between girls, no pride, no cat fights all the love.

When Adele can, then all of us can and will!

We don’t stop ourselves from singing high pitched ‘Hello’ then why can’t we be like Adele?

If two queens can be such good friends then why can’t we be?

Let us reign supreme!

On the side note: Pregnant Beyonce on that chair, diving in like a fucking acrobat had me dead. I was dead I swear.

So if you hate a girl, go ahead and fix things with her as she is the only one who would understand what it feels like when your winged eyeliner is not winged. She is the only one who understands what it feels like wearing spanx or having extensions or being a female.

I will be talking to my boyfriend’s ex and congratulate her as she put up with his anger issues, because boy she killed it!

Let us all dance to Beyonce and share chocolates because Girls, we run this world!

Let us all share Grammys, shall we?








Pretty Girls: A Small Thesis

Disclaimer: I am not putting every pretty girl in the bracket and not being stereotypical about it, this is just the feed of my rant when I am in my sweat pants and there is food on my clothes. I will play Beyonce and feel a little better. Any co-relation of the pretty girls in the article and in real life is purely intentional; my self esteem was harmed in making of this article. Please don’t flip out on me I am a pure soul! Dogs!!

All my life I was friends with the species called ‘the pretty girls’ and I can write a thesis about them. The pretty girls are not just pretty looking but pretty thinking, the type that pisses the non-pretty of us straight off.

Why so many pretty girls were my friend is a reason unknown to me but I like to believe that I was the funny one or the smart one or I looked a little less psycho. When I was four a very pretty 10 looking kid came to my 3 looking self and asked if I can be her friend and that is when it began and has not stopped ever since.

I am not mad just irritated.

Pretty girls became my friend in high school too and that is when my insecurities got thick, because walking around the shiny 100 the 4 wasn’t so nice. I always felt like I was their personal assistant asking for their routine, giving them their decaf and checking their OOTD. This job became more challenging when boys came up to me like asked for their numbers like I was their manager.

You know the drill; people will be walking up to the kind of walk-in interview answer a few question and as a reward go back with a number to come back for the interview with the head and if not then the manager will reassure that as soon as there is an opening she will let you know, exact same thing happened to me, I was the manager asking guys the same questions and if I liked them my friend will have a date.

I was the filter, the sharpest filter you will ever see, I was good at what I did.

Here is a list of terms a pretty girl would not know:

  1. Home works
  2. Zero likes on their pictures
  3. Punishments
  4. Empty message box
  5. Not getting attention
  6. No

And it ticks me off

I hate how easy there life is and how people are always ready to their work, how bluntly they will put the hardest of the task and get things done. I have seen them do their magic with my naked eyes, they will just flash their smile but not to the optimum level just a little peek of teeth and that is it their work is done. They will look the person in the eyes and the kidney will be theirs or better yet an iPhone 7 will be theirs because that is the same thing.

They get away with anything like anything in this entire world, this time they will flash their full smile and go like: “Sirrrrr, sorrrryyyyy I was really upset so I had to go meet my great grandmother but she is dead so I had to meet her in my dreamssss so I slept” and sir will be like here A+++++ for sleeping honey, you do you!

And I will be here like “sir I broke my arm but I still completed my home work but it is not edited as the fragment won’t fix.” And sir will be llike oh really take D- and help it fix your hopes.


The terror actually blows on you when the boy you likes actually like likes your BFF and you will be here all like bro who gave you permission to be walking straight up without the filter man, do you have a system?

Your crush will be looking in your direction and in your head you will be making your bed, boiling chocolate, spreading roses and then in close observation he is checking out your best friend and the hope, ladies and gentlemen, are crushed.

Anyways, this is it, I know I said I can write I theses but I can does not mean I would. I want to get all motivational and say yes we are all pretty but it is okay not to be okay!


Things I Don’t Understand


I wont lie I am not the smartest person in the world and half of the time I don’t know what is going on around me and apart from the fact where my life is going there are many things I don’t understand, the possibility of me getting a Nobel Price is more than me understanding these things:

  1. Why do people get offended when I call their dogs, dogs?

Like seriously I don’t get offended when people call me human, I take that as a complement. So why that fluff ball in your arms that is named dog by the world is not called a dog?

And don’t give that crap about “my kid” because if I say “your kid” is peeing on my carpet your real kid will punch me in the face for getting him in trouble. Yes your dog fills up a vacant space in your heart but guess what? It is dog.


  1. Boyfriends telling their girlfriend what to do?

I don’t see the need to let a boy tell a girl what to do and this is not some ego or I listened to Beyonce, I just don’t see it, a girl can function alone and thrive at it. You weren’t there in her mommy’s womb with her (and if you were then, awkward) she made it out herself and she is doing just fine. If you claim to see this world better then you don’t wear that tank top to the mall.


  1. Why do marriages to other religion not allowed?

He is a human, makes me laugh, I like his body and changes T-Shirt everyday and if he works get that paper I am down in all fours for him so don’t stand back and tell me I cannot marry him cause he prays a different God, for me, it is  a cultural shock.


  1. Unnecessary home-work

I can write a book about this one but I don’t have time as I am writing “I will not talk in class” thousand times. Teachers do this thing, this thing where they tell you to write some text from a book to A4 sheets and submit at a date. Like, what did I miss here? I have a book which has all sacred texts written on it which will make me a better human (hopefully) so why do I have to write it all on a different paper, haven’t you heard of plagiarism? And surely you have a misconception that we will “memorize” it but attending Science lesson and writing History project under the table while dodging the eye of the teacher is not an easy task, either we can be James Bond or we can “memorize” this thing which we will forget.


  1. Expensive bras

Dear Victoria Secret,

If you expect me to spend 2200 Rupees on a bra then that bra must be made of gold and be looking amazing over the shirt, please don’t expect me to wear a 2200 Rupees bra and hide it under my clothes.

Either change the conventions or lower the prices and don’t talk to me about “comfort” we all know bras are the most uncomfortable thing in world, more uncomfortable than watching kissing scenes with parents.


  1. Why do people show off?

You have a thing? Good for you! No need to rub it on people’s face and act like you are the best just because you have some money to spare. If I like your shoes I would say it “hey Tom I like your shoes” you don’t have to take it off put it on my face and make me lick it because they are the “Gods of shoes”. Guess what, my shoes do the exact same thing and look decent I am fine with it so first your shoes are irrelevant for me and second modesty is the highest virtue Tom! I will call Jerry on you.


So that as it my list of things I don’t understand, if you agree then you are my best friend and if you don’t you are still!


I love people! And when I got my new iPhone I unleashed the power of clicking pictures and went to the blazing field of photography. I always loved the idea of clicking pictures of people who are too busy to care about this first world shenanigan. so I bust out my phone whenever I see a pretty faces (which is always!) and click there pictures. i also made an Instagram account for it!

It is called: DiverseCity

User name is: diverse__city (Two Underscores cause Instagram is flooded with users!!)

Here is the link!!

Please go follow it and show it some love.

xx Diksha!!

How Gays Came into Being?

The world is going through the ‘too many closet blessing’ as everyone and their fathers are coming out of the closet and creating too much room in the furniture. As a girl, it is depressing for me to see I guy liked actually lived in a closet for so many years and now he is out which is more heartbreaking because now I have to buy new clothes to fill the space in the closet and my heart.

Well, my crush found his prince I don’t know when i will? Because it seems like every man I seem to like is either gay or do not exist. I just want a man with jaw line, soft eyes, brown hair and a perfect heart; is that too much to ask? And yes if he does not have that Ferrari he better not call me his lady!
Anyways seeing men finding love with men made me wonder why is this happening? Why are guys consummating in an unconventional way? Why are they straying off the system?
To find answers to these questions I turned to most trusted and most competent in the world: my Brain.
So the Brain of Chintu thought hard, really hard, demanded Chinese in the process then laid down these assumptions:
First and the most obvious reason: girls! Girls are the reason why guys are doing guys. Girl with their drama and chick flick annoyed the male population and so guys turn to their bro friends made a union against fem-dynasty, things got touchy and gays came into being.
To support my argument I flipped the pages of Wuthering heights where I think the establishment of gay was laid. Heathcliff was a young man who loved a girl named Catherine and Catherine being the selfish bitch that she was married a wrong man, Heathcliff was alone, at this time he was done with the whole girl drama so he thought of living alone and turned psycho. Here is my theory: Heathcliff wasn’t actually alone he had Joseph his keeper, he took care of Heathcliff and helped him throughout and what happened? They found love in a hopeless place known as Wuthering heights.
In the modern times, same thing is happening when girls screw the guys over they turn to their bros for support and in their eyes they see companionship they come close stepping into each other’s aura they feel each other and what happens they fall in love.
It is cute but annoying.
Second assumption: imagine a 23 year old cute virgin male who wants some experience to get in the game he turns to his trusted friend and asks for some advice that person decides to show the advice practically and in the midst of penetrating the virgin realizes oh my god this is what I want for my whole life and a gay is born! Or maybe guys are just super free and curious, who knows?
Side note: this is how ‘dicks before chick’ slogan was made too.
Third assumption: ‘A’ is the most used vowel in the world and you know when someone starts getting popular they start to get wanted this popularity of ‘A’ made guys kick ‘U’ less popular vowel out of their lives and welcomed ‘A’. With ‘A’ came so many good things, girls liked you better, you can show your fashion sense, you had a much tighter opening, drama free life, fewer responsibilities. ‘A’ gave the males the happiness they craved for such a long time, the happiness ‘U’ wasn’t able to give.
These guys who turned gays had big p… otential, they were capable of making our lives so much better but because of the drama, the loved vowel, and that bitch Catherin we lost diamonds ladies and they shall be missed.
All this time the sexy men don’t exist actually they do they are just gay!
But something came out of this phenomenon, we girls also found love with girls (is there something guys are doing and we girls don’t demand to do the same effing thing?) We too became gays and are pretty gay right now. We have better stuff anyway girl friends understands us, they can stand us, they can go with us to the beauty parlor, and not complain while we shop. Okay seriously, girls are too perfect and we don’t need guys I am calling my girl friend right now!




How cursing is Therapeutic?

Don’t you just love curse words? I do! Though my curse vocabulary is not that strong and I only know one or two words but I am well aware of the ravishing feeling it gives and how amazing saying a curse word makes you feel.
The phenomenon of the curse word is simple: channel all your anger and despair through your vocal cords, to your mouth, towards the person or situation. Let loose the word which will, for sure, make you feel better. The therapy is strong and worth giving a try, whenever you feel angry just slowly and steadily say the word and let the magic happen.
Curse word therapy is so popular and successful for the simplest of reason: it is for free! Like the sound of that, right?
What do you get for free in this world? Hate, right! And curse word is the most refine form of hate; if hate were a movie, the lead character would be the curse word, which would win an Oscar because of it mind blowing performance and would be the most wanted.
The curse word therapy is best in so many ways, not only it drains the anger but makes you feel so good, so energetic and it gives you a feeling of self-worth. After performing the therapy you will feel like you achieved something; just one or two maybe three words (based on your misery) and you will get so many benefits like what are you even waiting for? Sign up for the curse word club and join the pirates, sailors, and your uncle.
This therapy makes you a better person too; scientists say that a person who curses a lot is really honest. So, ladies now you know who to look for and gentlemen and you know what to do.
The holy concept of concealing, not showing, hiding the anger or spitting the anger is old and total crap because the volcano will explode. The anger you felt when How I Met your Mother ended terribly can come out when your cheese doesn’t melt perfectly and that my friend is not fair, was it the cheese because of which made Ted make a wrong decision? So why to throw the cheese why not just use the therapy and say it out loud with me: f*** you Ted! And all will be fine.
One word so many meanings, curse words are not just therapeutic but are holistic in its development; you don’t just say curse word you can use it in so many different situations with so many different people and live happily! English standard words have nothing on curse words. Decades after decades curse words had shown its glory and continue to do so.

The best thing is there is a buffet of curse words thanks to Jersey Shore in America and Big Boss in India you can choose whichever you want, totally your choice, you can over-curse and say sorry or under-curse and say it again, whatever you like! Accessorize with smaller curse words, under breath taunts and insults, wear with shiny examples of the past or just say it alone. A curse word always has the power to stand alone because it is awesome and needs no buddy.
I personally will recommend not cursing moms and sisters, those are just so the nineties they are completely out of fashion and has no style those words are not meant for anyone. Why curse mothers and sisters when the person is crooked use a word that suits the person and the person only.
The choice of curse words depends on your anger, person’s face, situation and your values so seeing these categories I believe you should make a good choice of words that will make you stand out from the rest.
The therapy will be completed if you massage your temples while cursing or after cursing, this will leave your skin rejuvenated and your mind refreshed a new avalanche of goodness will overcome you but this goodness can make you do good things like saying sorry; in my opinion, sorry can make things better and you both can hug and make up (or out, who knows?) so saying sorry will be better than being mad forever and continuing with therapy for a long time. For best effects you may say sorry and add it with a smile.
A cautionary note: the therapy is pg rated so please please don’t perform it in front of the children. Your performance of the therapy in front of the children will cost the adult union a lot, our secret of feeling forever refreshed will be out and kids will use it in bad ways kids are (little minx) so let’s not hand them our secret therapy because it adult’s and teen’s (teens are grown up!)
So the therapy will make you feel better than ever and energize you to a different level. Always keep in mind how beautiful the world is and instead of using the other forms of hate you can use this free, nonviolent method with guaranteed effects.