10 Ladylike Things to do While He isn’t Texting you Back.

Disclaimer: Not responding to a text can mean anything so ladies don’t flip out when you see him online and not get a text, he is probably cheating on you. Make Tinder your best friend.


I know cosmopolitan has told you already but that genius doesn’t really matter until you yourself fall in that pit which is called “No Text Zone” and it gets dark and gloomy there so what every independent woman who lives in her parent’s house and has a curfew should do when bae isn’t texting back?
Here are ten legit things that you should do when your bae isn’t texting you back.
1. Watch a Movie- I know very clichè and simple but works amazingly every time, as you get so involved in the problems of the character you forget your own problems and that is the best thing in the world, forgetting your own problems. Few movie suggestions for the “No Text Zone” citizens: Jon Tucker Must Die, The Other Woman, The Breakup, I Spit On Your Grave, The First Wives Club and for extra lessons refer to Kill Bill Vol. 1,2 and 3. These movies will not only stray your mind off your citizenship of the sadness but also prep you for the upcoming storm. So don’t miss any lessons and TAKE NOTES.
2. Click Selfies- being in the gloomy “No Text Zone” can be really fucking saddening and constant munching on a chocolate can get you looking like a pig so what do you do to uplift your soul, body and mind? You click pictures!! Just turn the camera towards you, pucker your lips and click the best pictures. For added social media points post it on the interwebz, don’t forget to change your Google Id profile pic because that is the only place you haven’t block your bae from, let him see what is he missing!
3. Read a Book- I know I am spinning around the most simple and vanilla stuff but these things will help you become stronger and by stronger I mean stronger stronger. Reading can not only give you the optimum knowledge of the things that matter but also teach you things that you didn’t know like karate. Referring to the quote from my current read, “Cool girls never get angry at her men, she only smiles” I would like to point out what a brilliant novel Gone Girl by Gillian Flyyn is. It not only tells you how to deal with your cheating husband but also how to ruin his life. But you’re just PMSing, he isn’t texting you because he is “busy”.
4. Cook- A lady only belongs in the kitchen, right? So why don’t you use that label and banner yourself with it. Cook to keep your mind off and since you were too busy being a Diva all along, becoming what you always wanted to be and learning good things you “lady” never had a chance to cook, so you will fuck up and more you fuck up more enticing the knives will look which is a good thing because we want the knives to look good in our hands 😊.
5. Complain- Now every lady has only two jobs either to observe and complain or to complain and observe. So just give in to the stereotype, put your freshly manicured hands on your mouth, turn to your best friend and complain about random things. Now this is the slippery slope, if you complain too hard you will accept your misery so try and complain at a balance so that your best friend comes at your side and you start building a team. Now if your best friend says “you’re just overreacting” don’t listen to her she is clearly wrong, you’re not overreacting and PMS is a word made by men so that they can handle our real real legit emotions irresponsibly.
6. Time To Plan- I hope you are now ready with some great material. You have inspirations from all the watching and reading you have been doing, you have managed to know how a knife works, your bff whom you have taped to the chair is on your side and to top all of that training you have a killer Google Profile Picture. So plan, plan whatever is it you want to do. I will give you options: Wait for his text and rehearse the texts that you are gonna send, wait for his call and rehearse the crying and screaming or Burn his house down. Plan to do either of the afforesaid and you will be good to go.
7. Print a Blueprint- now ladies you absolutely do not know how to work a computer so make sure you have supervision of a male, a male dog. Get the print and you’re good to go. For an extra touch you can make your wall into a makeshift planner but no need to ruin your wall for your sweet bae.
8. Ready yourself for an attack- now as far as I know best attack a woman can do is put shaving cream in a shampoo bottle, put oestrogen tablet in his drink and like punch him in the balls or something so there isn’t much you can do “lady”. (If you’re his long term bae you know his PIN and account number so like you know what to do or if you have been taking Karate Chop lessons from Kill Bill use that skill as well just don’t harm the girl he is with cause Girl Love ❤️ )
9. Drink Tequila- I know you have only restrained yourself to Mojitos and when you feel crazy you get a Bloody Mary but drink tequila, you would require it for the upcoming storm.
10. Attack- but not to hard he has feelings too and don’t forget to say sorry after that. Now your attack can range from just one long text which calls out his bullshit to opening a million dollar company and start living your lavish life without him because you don’t need that prick in your life. So, judge and gauge the situation and do things likewise. I would suggest not open a company cause a lady whose curfew is 5 PM cannot run a company so like just send him a text and hope for the best while sitting on a chair of your own cabin of a roof top office of your own company. So yeah, there was a list of things you should do while he isn’t texting you back, make sure you do it sequentially. And all throughout the process don’t even think for a second maybe he is just busy, he isn’t busy.











P.s. My period cramps sucks!!


Easier Said Than Done

I was writing a very sad and depressing post about Breakups but halfway through it I realized, is this really worth it? Like being all sad and depressed about a hypothetical situation and making the reader remember their toxic breakup in fifth grade really worth all the writing, editing and posting?

I am not really down for that life because I am a happy soul. I would rather donate my eyeballs than cry for a guy.

The aforesaid thought also made me realize, is it bad if you cry for people or cry in situation or as a whole, cry a lot? Because I, as a person, am a very very very emotional person, tears are part of my face and faucet goes off at any situation.

Is it wrong?

I did read a lot of post saying ‘Be Strong’ or ‘don’t show your weakness to anyone’ but what if I want to show my weakness to someone to make them realize I am only human and I cry so please be careful what you say as you’re hurting me right now because it is not right to get hurt continuously and not fighting to make it stop.

It is very easy for any person to say “aww you are such a cry baby please cry less” well here is my answer Tim, “I will cry and I will cry so much that you get drown in my tears and you know what will save you? nothing!”

So Tim please don’t tell me to cry less as I am never gonna cry less, if anything I am gonna cry more.

Anyways, the post was about feeling sad when you breakup with someone, right? Okay back to the topic.

So yeah, if your honey mustard with a side of mayo left you you should feel sad as he/she was the person who made you happy and now that he/she is gone you don’t have anywhere to belong to and yes that is a sad situation.

For me breakups are like ending a really nice TV series you don’t know what to do next but kids, when I finished Game of Thrones I watched Narcos, when I finished Narcos I watched Walking Dead and when I will finish Walking Dead then I will be clueless so I will turn to YouTube or go back to How I met Your Mother, my first love.

Getting the drill here?

Either you date another person or change the type of person you are dating or go back to your Ex(no judging).

But yes the problem comes when you get so attached with one person so when he/she goes it is hard…like really hard. No matter how many movies you watch or how many friends you catch up with or how badly you tweark, nothing works.

And by nothing I mean nothing in this world can cheer you up.

Which is okay, you are accepting your love for that person and accepting that you are sad about it, you are accepting the chaos in your life. So disregard ‘I don’t cry for boys’, and cry. If you’re feeling bad cry it out, it is not okay to keep your feeling packed.

Yes you want him/her to feel bad about the whole situation and you hate that you want him/her but baby it is okay.

It is okay not to be okay.

Forget for a second what Queen B says, and accept he/she is not irreplaceable he was a gem that you just lost and you can never get him back but at least, at this point, you can cry and accept your mistake and not feel bad about it.

Eat some vanilla ice-cream and be miserable, wear the same shirt for three days and don’t shower, be lost and clueless, it is the process of accepting your feeling and let me tell you accepting your feelings is the greatest gesture there ever is.

A very wise person told me, crying is actually a sign that you are strong.

So yes you have broken up with a man of your dreams cry a river and drown in it so that Zac Effron from Baywatch can come and save you, at least while he will grope your limp body you will get some action because we know you ain’t getting any action for a long long time.

Now cry about that.


P.s- Please don’t point out that there are worse things to cry about than a broken relationship, I cry when waiter gets my order wrong so what made you think I won’t cry when La La Land didn’t win picture of the year?

Why Can’t I Loosen Up?

12th October 2016, I went to a party “the party is going to be lit” I heard them all saying. I actually fought many factors to be there because I wanted to party so badly, I wanted to dance like nobody was watching and actually live the day to the fullest but I did something really wrong I didn’t, I didn’t dance like nobody was watching, I didn’t live that day to the fullest instead I checked out my Twitter feed and thought to myself why can’t I loosen up?

There were many answers that came into my head none were accurate but still here there are:

I was wearing an almost backless dress and knowing me I knew the chances of wardrobe malfunction was at its highest, so I couldn’t dance. I cannot even walk from booth to another without thinking that my entire inner love is on the show and men are basking in its glory, I had thick insecurity issues that day. I did tucked in my gut for a while but holding the breath and dancing is a tough job.

I also thought of that creepy guy who was looking at me way too much, maybe I was hallucinating and it was all just me but I can swear he was looking at me and if it weren’t of his eye balls I would’ve danced that day.

The DJ was so crappy I almost wanted to throw a tissue paper on his face, the reason that I wasn’t able to loosen up. If he were playing a little Beyonce I would’ve showed the club who the real thang is and who can twerk for days. But Beyonce wasn’t playing and I wasn’t dancing.

Four hours later, I was still glued to my seat checking my phone again and again, I didn’t even had data that was reason right there to let my phone go but I couldn’t.

My friends did come to get so I did the classic on the dance floor:

Legs apart,

Fingers snapping


And subtly moon walking out of the dance floor.

After a while, I was a liability to my friends so I went to stuff my face still thinking why can’t I reflect my inner goddess to the world, are there people not lucky enough to see my moves? Yeah that could be it.

I also considered taking a glass full of vodka; though I am against the belief “drinks make you who you are” I considered it. Honestly, I am stupid enough without drinks, my decisions are still questionable. I can jump off the roof while sober. I can turn into Shakira in a matter of five seconds (my hips do not lie). I know all the hit songs still the dance floor will never see me moving.

There is always a thought that maybe my bra strap is showing or my skirt is flying and if you are wearing jeans it feels like, the jeans will fall off! So you might as well sit tight!

It is like there an eye looking at you judging you, she will talk about you when you are gone or make fun of you, and the lingering thought is not good enough. It blocks your personality and I don’t want that.

The realization that “maybe I am not a fun person anymore” screws you hundred times over.

After sitting four hours in a club I got out and first thing my friend did was corrected my bra strap which was seeing the outside world. Like really, you were out! And because of it I didn’t get up and danced.

Anyways, who sees the bra strap in a dark club?

Next time, I will dance like that creepy guy is blind.

I will dance like the music isn’t bad or I can slap the DJ to play better music .

And most of all, I will wear flats.

The Five Second Rule!


You can have the best day of your life or you can regret it for days, you can have it all or you can lose it the truth is all depends on the five second rule.

The infamous five second rule is the reason why I am not leaving this planet and if someone tries to tell me that it is a myth I turn away ask them to leave my life but apart from giving us the liberty from picking up fallen food and eating it, five second rule gives us way more than that…it gives us a second life.

When those five seconds end we become a new person it totally depends on who we are, where we are and what will we do?

Five second gives us the liberty of choice, what we choose gives us who we are. You can have a story to tell or a hanging regret.

Standing on a cliff ready to bungee jump, you can’t do it you are scared, you listen to the blood rushing through your veins the gasping of air, there is death waiting for you downstairs but you know what you say to death when it is waiting for you…not today! 5 4 3 2 1…you jump!

In the morning, good job: you have a story to tell.

The party is roaring, everyone is jumping, you can hardly see anything but thank god you are sober, all your drunk friends are gone but one friend stays, he is drinking he takes a glass and presses it against your lips and you try to fight, you always imagined drinking in college nothing to be scared of, 5 4 3 2 1 you take it!

In the morning your drunk self hardly remembers anything but your friends do, your new friends does, that police officer you’ve beaten up does, and of course the carpet you peed on does, the cloak is off you are not shy anymore at least you know there is a part in you which can have fun and loosin’ up.

The wall still speaks of the way you danced in the hallway when you got invitation to that big party, the party is going to be lit you heard everyone in school say, you will meet so many new people, he is going to be there you take out your best dress and get ready to party. Same situation as last week, you drank that time and nothing happened so you take one too many glasses to lossin’ up, who knows you are just getting started you see another drink with some drugs 5 4 3 2 1 you take it!

In the morning your drunk self do not remember anything, but your EX does whom you messaged, your mom does who is cleaning your vomit, your dad does who listened to the neighbors’ complains, that police officer does who locked you in and that guy does who groped you.

Been six months since you’ve been broken up you still remember him, it was hard for you to let go but you did he was wrong. A mutual friend asked you out you almost forgot how to go out and how to react you are rusty and nervous but you still said yes, you wanted to move on. Today you will wear a little more eye liner and the expensive lip color, the date is awesome he takes you back to his place you are standing at his door, his suggestive look is telling you things. Are you ready you keep questioning the answer is no, but his eyes and his voice is driving you crazy, he gave you flowers you owe him something, he is looking at you the way he never did 5 4 3 2 1 you give him a hug and walked away.

You know he will call you a prude or just nod and accept but there are no regrets you are happy.

In the morning, he texts you and ask for a second date you smile because you found the one.

December nights are dark the moon is hardly shining the haze sits on the ground, it is creepy. You walk down the alley in a fast speed trying not to catch attention, there are two ways second is the shortcut.  You are desperate to reach home, you have an idea what lies ahead, you have watched way to many horror films but ghosts are not scary for you humans are, you stand there contemplating but you want to back to your dog 5 4 3 2 1 you step in and hear a loud crashing of bottles.

In the morning, your head is hurt and the marks on your shoulder are burning your dog licks your wound and cuddles with you. You never knew you had karate skills.

He is so cute and the way he smiles is so awesome but he is your best friend and you don’t want to ruin things. Right now he is laughing at your joke, his laugh is the best the way his nose gets when he laughs and the way his eyes squint looks so good, you see his lips they look good, the devil inside tells you to kiss him but you cannot he is a friend. Involuntarily you scoot in, closer view is even better you cannot stop yourself you want to kiss him he is so good in your head your dream is playing, your wildest fantasies takes over you 5 4 3 2 1 you kiss him!

In the morning, you are planning your wedding together not knowing in few years you will have a baby first.

Your mom won’t stop yelling, she has been going on for hours, dad hardly cares he is passed out on the couch but when he wakes up he yells even more, you know neighbors will not ring this time because last time nothing changed, your little sister is hiding under the bed with her dog, divorce is not an option your family doesn’t have money, your A graded paper lie in the corner mom was too mad to notice, in school he won’t even notice you after the night that you’ve spent. You see a knife lying on the side table this time you won’t fail 5 4 3 2 1 I will pray for your soul.

In the morning, finally everything is quiet, you look at everyone and smile guess being silent forever did the magic.


There is in or there is out, you take it or break it everything you are in life and everything you want to become in life totally depends on the five second.

It is the five second rule!



Hush Hush, Ladies Speaking

Just because I am girl does that take away my right of having a voice?

2016 is rolling out but the thoughts of the society are still static, we see girls as object or worse nothing and when someone stands for their own rights we tag them as feminist and for us it is too extreme so we roll our eyes.

My question is: why males cannot stand us having a voice? Are they threatened or just scared of the estrogen running through our veins which comes with strength and passion to make a change.

I remember raising my voice in front of a male and I was told to hush hush and stop speaking I am female and female don’t speak they listen. Who made this rule? Who made us lay so low that we forgot what it felt like being free? The answer would be the society! As soon as we take birth from the most rudiment of beginning we girls are seen as nothing, then we get married and our faces get covered not allowed to see the world; where in the world walking free without any harassment is a challenge having a voice is a joke.

We can do better

We will do better

But no wind is given to our wings and we are suppressed by the patriarchal society just because we are “girls”.

In Pride and Prejudice, Mr. Darcy hated Elizabeth just because she had a voice and in Jane Eyre, Jane was kicked out the house just because she stood for herself but still these two heroines thrived. I believe only Cinderella had her life sorted as she had seven men who did the chores but then a prince came and “saved” her, ladies think to yourself, do we need saving? Let’s be the queen without any king and we will perform better.

Repeat to yourself what Beyonce taught us: “We Woke Up FLAWLESS”, no man can let us down until we let him.

So no hush hush ladies, speak up and if someone tries to hush you down, scream even louder!

Just because you can, hence you will, and males stand back and hush hush ladies speaking!



Twenty Four

When having a bad day don’t think about the bad day think about the morning when the sun will shine and you will know that you made it out of that day you will bask in your own glory when you will sigh with relief.

These twenty four hours that you are living right now are the only twenty four hours you have to deal with.

Tomorrow will be a new day and a new set of twenty four hours will be given to you, another shot, don’t mess it up this time and if just in case the yesterday- the nosey bitch decides to linger in your new set of twenty four hours like a crazy girlfriend, you my friend, will run you will run as fast you can and will not let that psycho get to you.

And if you are already running you already have won so might as well make it count.

Start every day like yesterday never happened, like you never failed or succeeded, like you are living it for the very first time!

These are your fresh set of twenty four hours please be cheerful. Nobody, let me repeat nobody will try and cheer you up, not even Calvin Klein models, not Beyonce not Jane Austen will cheer you up until and unless you yourself cheer yourself up.

So my friend, buckle up! Let’s kick this twenty four hours’ bubble butt and let’s nail it! We deserve it!




Step out of that Circus


How it feels like when you have your entire life turned into a circus where everyone is laughing at your every move, your hopes which tried to do acrobalance are brought down by the force of gravity, there is no amusement living in the circus but for the world you are a box of amusement, a daily topic on the breakfast table.

Your talents are juggling with skills from one point to another; don’t know where to land, when to land, everything is a tumult and you have no niche. The magic in the circus is long forgotten; with that lousy rabbit in the hat trick you hope on taking over the world. This thought of having your life turned into a circus is a kick in the gut, it knocks the air out of your lungs and you can’t breathe.

But I promise and assure you that this circus will end, you will come out of that tent, wipe your sweat and smile because the chaos is over and finally you are at your niche.

Maybe you stepped into a circus because of some pressure, some shouting kid asking you to check it out or a mis-leading friend who said “try it, it is fun”. This circus which is taking you somewhere where nobody knows but believe, don’t lose hope. You will step out; you will find a place where you are satisfied.

If you are in a circus think for a second, is the outside world worthy enough? If yes then, are you doing enough to step out?

Your goal is a goal for a reason, it is a shining hula hoop in the sky from where you can see the world and if you want to reach that hula hoop you better try some gymnastics. This hula hoop will take you out of this miserable circus.

This too shall pass; this is just a phase, a dark cloud and it will go away as soon as you start trying. Just get rid of that frown-y but smiley face, get rid of that big red nose and stop being the ‘joke of the day’, stop taking crap from people and start reacting, please. Don’t be a joker, don’t take this you are better than this; please try and step out.

Just play ‘Eye of The Tiger’ in your head and fight against that circus and you will make it and when you will look back at it in the future you will smile you will think if I made out of that I will make out of anything. So take control of your life and start trying!

Step out of That Circus, it is beautiful out there.




But I try…

My city has exploded the result came out and almost everyone scored perfect marks, if not everyone all my cousins and neighbors did, the result caused parent’s taunts, more examples, and my wrecked self-esteem.
With the slivers of my dignity I sleep every day, questioning my entire existence, asking where I did wrong.
Reading success stories makes me cringe and shaking my head I ask myself: What am I doing with this life? The faces on the newspaper are unfamiliar to me as I will never be them the question remains, why? I work hard equally and almost have the same brain then what is lacking? Where is it lacking? Are my brain cells betraying me or my memory is seeping out of somewhere, is there something wrong with the way I read?
What is wrong with me? why am I not on the newspaper because in my dream land I have an Oscar and a noble prize, combined, given to me by God himself and I have a cute dog but in reality I don’t have any of those, not even an Oscar.
The feeling of standing in the corner while everyone cheers are well understood, whole country is chanting the names of the topper who will live a great life now and get free Mc Donald’s (hopefully) and I am here sitting in front of the computer trying to find Beyonce’s new album(where is it?)
You know when an artist is performing and the spotlight focuses on her and only her and then there is a human standing in the darkness away from all the attention and glory who is not even visible to the world; I am that human and I don’t how long till I make it to the spotlight or if I will make it or not. Maybe I will never get that glory, that applause and appreciation maybe I am just a human standing in the dark but I try…
Because lord Krishna said: “Don’t care about the outcome just do your Karma” and I am doing that
I am bad with grammar and spelling and depend totally upon Ms Word to correct it still I write and write.
My brain said I will never get 90 still I studied hard; I woke up every night to read the same book, the same page over and over again till it was embedded in my memory.
I will never go to New York, I don’t think so, still I am appearing for SATs maybe just maybe a stroke of luck will work on my side; every day I dream of the Empire State building and the busy streets before sleeping.
I always believe that it is the thought you concealed makes you who you are and which gives a minute long hope to live and flourish, yes the dark sky tells you not to fly but people still do fly and reach their destination, their niche.
When everything is going south I just close my eyes and plan a perfect day
I imagine every day, my life in New York in an apartment with a dog and, you know what, it makes me happy super happy and for a mere second I feel good.
I know I will never make my parents smile with pride but I try to crack some silly jokes, some vain hollow jokes, which makes no sense I try to make a funny face just to see my dad smile (he has the best smile, by the way, his smile lights up my world) but still I am not the reason for his smile, Kapil Sharma is, but one day I will make him smile I am determined.
Maybe I will never become a writer or will die trying but I wake up every day with a thought in my brain, write it down with a pencil in bad handwriting, get worried every time someone leaves a comment and actually shudder when I check the stats but I try.
If you are finding your Mr. Perfect and flirt shamelessly you are trying…
If you go to that shitty job daily in hopes you will become a CEO you are trying…
If you are breathing no matter what that MBBS holder stuck up doctor says about your health you are trying…
If you have cuts on your wrists but still you open your eyes every day you are trying…
And if you feel a little bit motivated after reading this you tried and succeeded.
I love you. x.

Curves are the new Straight.

The curve is defined as a deformed line. A curve, a big huge curve will have a brain that sometimes works, questionable decision-making skills and a weird set of thoughts, you know like an average human not like a robot.
The people who are deformed and fail or the ones who are dejected and alone do all these curves don’t deserve anything just because they are strayed from the line, from that straight path and the conformation burdened on them by society. Don’t they deserve anything just because they are a curve?
There are so many curves in the world, the ones who are not perfect and often fail. In my opinion, everyone living on the face of the earth who lacks the straight line and who rebels against this arrangement of ‘accepting the straight only’ is dejected by the straights and perfect, the perfect-s who are beaten up by hammer till the time of birth and are made straight, crisp and boring.
Straights are lambs that follow others; curves have a brain of their own. Have you ever seen a baby walk? Does a baby walk in a straight line, no, because that child is innocent he is naïve and a prude to the maze of the straight, if straight ever got to the baby it will teach the baby to walk in a straight line? This is what the straights do; they shove their opinion and beat the curves to conform to it.
As straight lines are perfect the society worships them. But has the thought ever occurred to you, straight lines are so boring they either stand or sleep, some are slanting who are in the process of growing a brain they will eventually turn into curve if the nasty world didn’t get to them.
The world is very crooked and it does not like the curves but baby the earth itself is made of curves, quite literally, and life is one big curve it is full of twists and turns and people are also curved coming in the way curve getting tangled, untangling, getting hooked and further curving. Curves find their perfect curves and just fit like a puzzle, the gaps in one curve is filled by the other and are called perfect, perfect but not straight.
Crocked love, which is the outcome of curve love it is the rebellion against the conformation of the same sex love. They are curves, they are happier curves and do they need your validation? No! They thrive out of their curviness and are the kings and queens of their own. Salute to such curves.
Straight lines are boring, they all look the same but curve, on the other hand, are so different, they and bend in different ways whatever they are like they bend in that direction. Bending, here, is the thought process, a simple person is simple bent and complex people are one big tangled curve (me!).
So, embrace your curves and bends and always remember, in a forest, straight trees are cut first.

Who is the Perfect Girl?

For the girls who aren’t goddess and who look up to other girls and yearn for perfectionism lets me draw a map which directs you to the place where all perfect girls exist in their natural habitat.

First question: Who are perfect girls?

Girls with the perfect body, perfect talent slaying the world with her smile; is she perfect? Honestly yes! But my tummy, the two-inch blubber says a big no! The #goals are a big delusion, like the delusion that leaves you flabbergasted for a while. They are missing out on pizza, burger and of course Nutella… like seriously they are living without Nutella and eating those straight out of the garden, organic, pest free, dirt free, full benefits leave as we speak. Clearly they are not perfect not even a little bit.

Second perfect girl on my list is a girl with a perfect carrier and a perfect body, she is perfect! and a pretty face will add more to the package (shallow and punny) but sweetie the amount of hard work she put into making her life that picture perfect life you see in front of the curtains is almost pitiful.

Maybe she is coming home to an empty house where only her loneliness waits for her, maybe the haze of the good life drift her away from the life that really matters; she is using concealer to hide those dark circles, the evidence of her sleepless nights, and she bows her head down to hide those tears, the evidence of the forlorn, but she doesn’t stop because she is on a pedestal she is the idol of thousand on-lookers like us the on-lookers who calls her perfect!

Fine okay, let’s dive into that shallow pool and split our skull: money makes up a perfect life. There, I said it all those people flaring their nostrils and ready to attack stop! It is true! The world revolves around mollah. But (there is always a ‘but’ around money) babe money will not fill our hearts with its warmth, that warm will not cuddle is in the dark night or provide us ice cream when we are PMSing.

So now fourth: the perfect girl is your friend who is going to a good college. She will make a good career there sure and have a good life and live without constraints. But innocent girl, she is leaving behind the memories of her childhood her mother’s arms, her sister’s banter, her father’s love and most of all the place she grew up in; she is going to a completely different territory without any security and when she will forget to call any of her friends on the phone because of the differentiated time zones she will be called arrogant and “changed”, is this what you call perfect?

Now on to the pep talk: girl to girl, let me show your button eyes what perfect is and I won’t be talking about me no I will be showing the real perfect to you again it’s not me.

You just have to do a little activity:

· pick up your phone

· take a selfie possibly with a pout

· and look into it

The face staring back at you is perfect she is the real #goal she is the one who has the power to run the world she is in the words of Beyonce : “Smart enough to make millions; Strong enough to have children” and the girl looking at that picture is a fool, she is the most delusional, naïve girl who thinks she is not good enough and ended up reading the article.

That girl looking at the picture is stupid enough to think even for a second that she doesn’t have a good body or her life isn’t going anywhere. Whatever your definition of perfect is, you are perfect, you are flawless and you are #goal. It’s about time you start to love yourself and don’t make me smack you in the head Ms. Virtual co-lady.

Get your crap together and believe in yourself, you don’t have anyone to believe in so might as well lift up that penury low self-regard and look into the bright pretty side sunshine.

You are a perfect girl and perfection is within you!