Pretty Girls: A Small Thesis

Disclaimer: I am not putting every pretty girl in the bracket and not being stereotypical about it, this is just the feed of my rant when I am in my sweat pants and there is food on my clothes. I will play Beyonce and feel a little better. Any co-relation of the pretty girls in the article and in real life is purely intentional; my self esteem was harmed in making of this article. Please don’t flip out on me I am a pure soul! Dogs!!

All my life I was friends with the species called ‘the pretty girls’ and I can write a thesis about them. The pretty girls are not just pretty looking but pretty thinking, the type that pisses the non-pretty of us straight off.

Why so many pretty girls were my friend is a reason unknown to me but I like to believe that I was the funny one or the smart one or I looked a little less psycho. When I was four a very pretty 10 looking kid came to my 3 looking self and asked if I can be her friend and that is when it began and has not stopped ever since.

I am not mad just irritated.

Pretty girls became my friend in high school too and that is when my insecurities got thick, because walking around the shiny 100 the 4 wasn’t so nice. I always felt like I was their personal assistant asking for their routine, giving them their decaf and checking their OOTD. This job became more challenging when boys came up to me like asked for their numbers like I was their manager.

You know the drill; people will be walking up to the kind of walk-in interview answer a few question and as a reward go back with a number to come back for the interview with the head and if not then the manager will reassure that as soon as there is an opening she will let you know, exact same thing happened to me, I was the manager asking guys the same questions and if I liked them my friend will have a date.

I was the filter, the sharpest filter you will ever see, I was good at what I did.

Here is a list of terms a pretty girl would not know:

  1. Home works
  2. Zero likes on their pictures
  3. Punishments
  4. Empty message box
  5. Not getting attention
  6. No

And it ticks me off

I hate how easy there life is and how people are always ready to their work, how bluntly they will put the hardest of the task and get things done. I have seen them do their magic with my naked eyes, they will just flash their smile but not to the optimum level just a little peek of teeth and that is it their work is done. They will look the person in the eyes and the kidney will be theirs or better yet an iPhone 7 will be theirs because that is the same thing.

They get away with anything like anything in this entire world, this time they will flash their full smile and go like: “Sirrrrr, sorrrryyyyy I was really upset so I had to go meet my great grandmother but she is dead so I had to meet her in my dreamssss so I slept” and sir will be like here A+++++ for sleeping honey, you do you!

And I will be here like “sir I broke my arm but I still completed my home work but it is not edited as the fragment won’t fix.” And sir will be llike oh really take D- and help it fix your hopes.


The terror actually blows on you when the boy you likes actually like likes your BFF and you will be here all like bro who gave you permission to be walking straight up without the filter man, do you have a system?

Your crush will be looking in your direction and in your head you will be making your bed, boiling chocolate, spreading roses and then in close observation he is checking out your best friend and the hope, ladies and gentlemen, are crushed.

Anyways, this is it, I know I said I can write I theses but I can does not mean I would. I want to get all motivational and say yes we are all pretty but it is okay not to be okay!



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