Let’s Share Grammys!

This is a question to every girl out there, what comes to your head when you see a female who is a stranger to you?

Maybe a thought pops about how she is dressed or maybe the way she is walking/looking/smiling/eating, to the extreme a flame of jealousy burns your entire soul but has it ever occurred to you that you both are incredible human being who has come on Earth to slay men’s existence? Both of you are beautiful female, proud owners of the vag?

Maybe not, let me change that for you. Read till the end of this post and fall in love with your fellow female, metaphorically and literally, because we are all in this together.

When Lilly Singh coined the term ‘Girl Love’ I instantaneously fell in love with it because I related to it in heights. Why should we let people establish a belief that girls always fight, why should we give them a reason to call us out? We should we united isn’t it?

We become friends in mere seconds, we put pointy sticks in our eyes, and we dance in heels, regret it and do it again! We are the most beautiful people in the world, so why hate each other?

We have absolutely no reason to hate each other, because we make each other and we are the only one who knows what it means when we say ‘It is Okay’ (it is not okay, it is never okay, okay?)

There are abundant reasons to hate a fellow female:

A boy chose her instead of you? Well, you should be proud that your fellow female got a boy in her life.

You think her dress was tacky? Why don’t you share your fashion advices with her, politely!

You think she is a mess? I think you’re able to clean that up.

You think is overdoing things? Why don’t you match her and enjoy together.

What are you waiting for? Why don’t you go and talk to that girl who seems so interesting. Think about all the bars you can hit, all the clothes you can share and all the boys you can complain about.

Please don’t give me crap about, “oh we cannot get along, she is not my type”.

Both of you have an incredible soul, both have vag and both love some chocolate in those days.

We are in this together. Period. (Both types of period, mind you)

It seems like everyone is inspired by Mean Girls but has anyone watched the full movie? Instead of reenacting the scenes of back bitching and name calling we can reenact one scene of sharing the awards because we all deserve a fucking award for the days we go through, like we wear caged bras and pay a fortune for that inconvenience I don’t see why we should not get an award.

And don’t get me started on the drama over boys, like girl why? Why are you hitting on that boy who has a girlfriend? Respect them and be full of pride that your girl is killing the boyfriend game, love doesn’t come easy so don’t ruin it, kay?

I don’t get why girls seems to hate their boyfriend’s exes, like what is the deal with that? One relationship didn’t work out, the guy jumped into another one simple as that, why hate the poor girl who had to put up with your boyfriend’s anger, jealousy and disregard? She did a good job now it is your turn to complete your term.

Let us all celebrate femininity and thrive in it, let us share our Victoria Secret’s lingerie, tampons and dresses. Also, if you’re like a huge singer, who ruled the entire pop culture then share your Grammy!

Yes!! I am talking about that moment when Adele broke her Grammy into two and shared it with Beyonce, she was in tears, I was in tears, everyone was in tears, because why not? That was the biggest exhibit of girl love ever seen. I guess we want that kind of love between girls, no pride, no cat fights all the love.

When Adele can, then all of us can and will!

We don’t stop ourselves from singing high pitched ‘Hello’ then why can’t we be like Adele?

If two queens can be such good friends then why can’t we be?

Let us reign supreme!

On the side note: Pregnant Beyonce on that chair, diving in like a fucking acrobat had me dead. I was dead I swear.

So if you hate a girl, go ahead and fix things with her as she is the only one who would understand what it feels like when your winged eyeliner is not winged. She is the only one who understands what it feels like wearing spanx or having extensions or being a female.

I will be talking to my boyfriend’s ex and congratulate her as she put up with his anger issues, because boy she killed it!

Let us all dance to Beyonce and share chocolates because Girls, we run this world!

Let us all share Grammys, shall we?









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