I am Cool!

‘Cool’ what does that word mean? Well in temperature wise it means really like freezing and like really like minus like snowey… I don’t know what fucking cool means but I do know this that I want to be cool. I want to be the coolest around, so cool that the other person gets frost bites, so cool that that lava freezes, so cool that people wanna be just like me.

But like does it even matter, in the short run yes very very crucial but in the long run does it really? Will my kids not yell at me if I was cool in college or will young people not kick my old self around if I dab too often? Maybe not but does that stop me to walk like I own the place…hell nah.

Apart from being super cool like pool I also the type of a girl who wants to be the best girlfriend, like the best who gives less fucks where his boyfriend has been around, justifying cheating and there is absolutely no speck of jealousy. In the midst of being cool I am burning myself. I hate this feeling of pangs and pangs of jealously, the kind of pangs which bring me down my knees and cry but outside, nothing!

I legit see my boy standing next to other girls and I do nothing about it, of course why should I? I am sane, right? Wrong! I am insane, I hate when he talks to other girls, sees other girl, breath the same air as other girl, but outside I don’t give any fucks because I cool.

The hatred is not just for girls but for random things too. I want to say that I don’t mind if he doesn’t talk to me for days but I don’t!! If he leaves me for ten seconds I want him back, I am clingy one but I don’t accept my natural type but instead I am cool.

I want to say that I am cool if he doesn’t share his password details with me but little does he know I want his DNA so that I can clone him and have two like him but I am never gonna actually say that I am cool.

I want to say that it is utterly okay if you want to order a Big Mac Burger with extra cheese but I want him to get in serious shape and nag him until he produces abbs but I am never ever gonna say it because I am cool.

I have thought dozen times to let him know of my insecurities and cage him a box so that no other estrogen can even touch him but I know I will never do that because I am a cool girlfriend.

I don’t know what I get out of this maybe a little satisfaction that I am not like ‘Other Girlfriends’ which makes me think who are ‘Other Girlfriends’? Maybe the girls who keep their boyfriends under control, the girlfriends who ask for more dates or the girlfriends who keep keen eye onto their boyfriends always circling around them with their kitty cat claws and sharp beak, I will also take the time to imagine that they are wearing eye liner which is on fleak. They make their boyfriend’s lives a little inconvenient to live but what is wrong with that?

I want my boy always around me but I am not letting that happen, these girls are letting that happen and are actually happy with that and on the other side I am burning.

I honestly don’t know what being a cool girlfriend will get me but I am sure I will be a best friend before being a girlfriend (bullshit!! I am not his best friend I want to eat all his food and rule over him).

Anyways, I have less idea about all of this so I will continue my thesis on Britney Spear’s song Perfume and get back at this topic.



P.S- Listen to aforesaid wrong to see what I am trying to convey.















*The article was submitted by my very good friend.




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