An insight

The Brain of Chintu is the quantum of over the top weirdness and never heard before logic but sometimes smart.

Hear out Chintu as she writes about all the happening around her, one day she will be motivating you to build a rocket ship and the next day she will teaching you about giraffe’s anatomy.

Stay tuned if you want to smile, get motivated or treat a giraffe.



  1. Ritik Jaiswal · April 9, 2016

    Appreciation leads to motivation and into a great writer oh sorry into “Dikshashree Tiwari”.Keep it up young fellow.

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  2. Eshita gupta · April 11, 2016

    A gud writer creates a better world! N so u r 😊

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  3. Riya Singh · April 12, 2016

    Just believe in yourself and dont lose hope.
    Hope it’s motivating much!

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  4. Lyf&Spice · August 5

    You have highlighted a great element here. I love your perspective on taboo. It resonates with all that I have heard people say all their lives. Cheers to this beautifully written piece!

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