Illegally Brunette

How easy is it to give into the stereotype made by humans to fit people in different slabs? The answer is easy but what if you are a misfit and you don’t fit into any stereotype but dance outside the boundaries?

I am a brunette, every hair on my body is of black color but sometimes I think I was born blonde. I am seriously having identity crisis at this point on my life, like I can easily bleach my hair and be blonde quiet literally but I love my brunette locks but my brain under the locks is that of blonde. Right now I am trying not to give into the stereotype but also in the back of my notions I am accepting them which is okay because I believe we all have stereotypic believes for a reason because they are literally true!

Like every brown person is good at studying because our parents sits with a hunter on our heads, every Asian man is disciplined because it is the people in their country likes it that way, Americans are loud because they like to get heard and people from British are classy because they sip tea! Just like that I am a brunette so I am suppose to be more calm and composed and not actually be a woo girl but um (get the ref please) I am !

I am illegally brunette who just wants to have more fun! Like every blonde in the world I cannot even and sometimes I want to be like OMG Becky but I actually I hate Becky because she has good hair and she is what Beyonce is singing about so I got to hate Becky but I don’t hate Becky, Becky is my best friend. Adding to the statement, I understand things slow, like really slow I am like internet explorer of brains and if you doubt it try telling me a story I would literally believe anything. One time, my best friend (not Becky) tried convincing me that there is ghost who is tapping me on the shoulder and guess what, there wasn’t any ghost. Can you imagine the amount of chaos it created? No because you don’t get what I am trying say! I don’t know how I stay without Starbucks though because where I live there isn’t any Starbucks and like I cannot live anymore but I haven’t tasted Starbucks yet but I am convinced I would love it when I would get it because I just love my frapp! I am also good with my clothes and I am like that girl from “get you a girl” meme. Now guess what my favorite hobby is? Gossip! I also like to read but I love gossip and just being a Mean Girl to everyone, I like giving fake compliments and turning around and laughing (I am not a bully though). There is also a side of me which is true girly and not based on hair color. I like expressing my opinion now matter how less I know about it, I care for people that I love, I am not a prissy-priss-priss and also have a serious OCD. As I write this I am eating my sprouts with salad on the side

It also makes me think how less I know blondes and how easily and trying to fit into you a slab and maybe I am not a total blonde because my bra size is medium and I cannot shout with my high pitched voice but I kid you not I am illegally brunette.


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