Heart Vs. Brain | Immigration Edition

Immigration is now a complex world issue; the mayhem of one country is shifting to another because of the influx of large population. This immigration has caused the world to be divided in two extremes position, the one of heart and the one brain. The brain side of the opinion calls the influx a doom for the host country, as the extra increase of the large chunk of people just come-in and expects to settle which causes fiscal crisis, the government burden increases and the economy comes under pressure. For the developing states, these immigrations are just another bottleneck in the growth. The heart side argues that we need to open our doors and hearts for the people who are leaving behind their home countries because of all the wars and crimes, they have already suffered enough and not giving them asylum will be inhumane and apathetical.

The problem is both are correct.

If we listen to the brain we are not listening of the bigger aspect of humanity which is major driving force in the decision making in many countries and lord forbid if we listen to heart the country is bound to suffer for generations to come, it won’t be temporary that these immigrants will settle in and then disappear into the air, they would want the state to fulfill their demands of basic necessities and for a developing nations it is not possible because the existing population is enough to strip away  sleep from the eyes of the people inside the Parliament.

Taking the recent case of India, a country which is growing fast but the infrastructure is still a dicey one. Second largest populated country with the poverty percentage of more than 20% decides to take in the emigrants who are coming in from Myanmar the country’s economy will collapse taking in the massive blows already opposed by the recent demonetization and the GST bill. But being the mixed economy with a soft heart, India will, in future, welcome them. On the other hand, the issue of security also comes up. When the poor quality of Indian infrastructure is mixed with an input of highly hostile people the equation what comes out isn’t a very beautiful one. Again, where will the Rohingyas go? If India doesn’t allow them it will be marked as the one with the rock hard heart. There will be no sense of compassion or benevolence and the Indian principle of ‘Athiti Devo Bhava’ ‘Guest is God’ will just be marked as a marketing campaign. From the time Indians are little children they are taught to respect the guests, give them water and sweets. There is a need to give shelter to the ones who need it, they are stripped away of their homes and lives and are running for their existence. They didn’t choose this lifestyle; this lifestyle was burdened on them with a sudden blow of events, inevitable ones. If India or any other country couldn’t give them the things that they need they will be crushed in the midst of closed doors and thinning walls.

Other such thing can be seen in Europe where the immigration department is flooding with applications asking for a grant to come in the respective countries; this immigration crisis is a complex one. European countries are adopting policies to stop this influx which is getting tighter everyday. Where all the countries are struggling with the incoming people, here the continent is suffering resulting in the increase in the volume of problems. As Syrians run around finding shelters the doors of countries are shutting on their face. There is no running from it, one day the country will decide to give them a space in the camp and the next day they don’t exist anymore. But what can the country do? After all, charity begins at home.

The United State of America has dealt with the same problem for long; the issue is almost as old as the country itself. As America tries to build the ‘wall’ the lust for the American dream increases, everyone wants a taste of what it feels like to be in America and rightly so their music, food and cinema is a world popular phenomena, whoever dreams of leaving the country dreams of USA. With Trump coming up with many policies to restrict the immigrants from tasting the sweet sugar there is turmoil. The DACA policies have been altered and the ‘DREAMers’ are kicked out of what they called ‘homes’.

While the age old fight of Logic and Emotions is fought the subjects are subjected every day. The war of Heart vs. Brains is a never ending one and will never find an apt conclusion.

Some hearts will break and some brains will explode.



A little thing about me, I am an apathetic person when it comes to having political views and opinions because most of the time I don’t know the full news or even if I do I tend not interpret it correctly but there is always this one Political Issue that in the world that made me think and think and conceive opinions because that issue was everywhere and that is of POTUS Donald Trump. I don’t how to put it, will try to put it very euphemistically I hate that guy! I mean yes he is thousands miles away, leading a country way different than mine and I am in no way affected by his decision but somehow my apathetic self has gone away and I have accepted I don’t like him. Yes, my opinions don’t matter, no matter how I will put it he won’t stop being The President of the Strongest Nation in the World, United States.
When it comes to hating Trump the world is divided into two parts, one who hate them because he is directly causing inconvenience to them like the DREAMers or the citizens of USA or Mexicans and then there are people who just hate him because everyone does. Honestly, I hate him because Beyoncè doesn’t support him, I know weird but yeah, she influenced me to hate him but even after I come up from that bias of decision inflicted upon my plain vanilla self I think is he that bad?
Like he is doing his job and whatever is in his agenda, HIS NATION FIRST. Which of course is not acceptable by many because from the beginnings USA was a nation which embraced everyone with open arms, they cracked open a cold ones and thought them how to play football (which is not played with feet). In Trump’s administration there are many controversial things that he is doing which shows his tendency of thinking of only the privileged, the market and his wife (an immigrant) but most of all America. But he is wrong, because America is made up of the United States and they are United because different people with different diversity and ethnicities come together and make what is called the Strongest Nation.
Well, let’s take example of the recent controversial statement that was passed by Mr.Trump, he called the NFL players who were protesting for their rights by kneeling during the anthem Sons of Bitches *awkward silence*
This is not how a president puts his views and condemn anything… oh lord. He went on saying that they should get fired and what not causing a hailstorm of tweets and many opinions and I am here all like maybe he is correct. For once in my life I am siding with Trump for condemning the breach of respect of the Nation Anthem of course it is correct but how have you put it? And where did you put it?
That is America, people wear knickers made up of American Flag and seriously treat the independence day as a drinking holiday. Trump was right condemning the act but his words were wrong in every way possible, he should’ve been a good president and seen why are they protesting and helped them rather than calling them Sons of Bitches.
Here in India, we are told to stand up before watching a movie to salute the national anthem and rightfully so because we need to respect our motherland in order to serve it. In America national anthem is sacred and so is national flag and everything associated with it, Trump asking to respect it is not wrong only he should take some action to see why are they protesting and help them cope up with the issues. After all he is the president and it comes in his territory whether he like it or not.


Dark nights do things to me that I can’t explain when I sit by the wall and scream your name the hue of silence surround me and I faze.
I wish I was stronger to fight this feeling that overpowers me I wish I knew what it means but I am a mere girl with big dreams and hopes and I can’t let go of the fear of letting you go,
So as the moon shines bright from the clouds and when the silence takes over the streets I think of doing things that I shouldn’t and I wouldn’t as you are there on the other side of the chatbox keeping me alive saying “you are beautiful” every time I speak and I get… soaked with the blood that riots in my veins , soaked with the ghosts of the past that lingers in my brain and I do things that I shouldn’t and I hope I wouldn’t but I do it.
I do it everyday, every moment I get time that pushes you away and away but I don’t mean it
It is just the demons in my soul grabbing me whole from the neck and swarm of bees in my stomach wanting me to eat you whole and I speak…I speak the words that slice your jaws and I speak the words that dice your eyes and I speak the words that burns US alive and US who we call goals and US who we have faith and US which is so pure is dead.
I am sorry for the pain I cause
I am sorry for the moments I have lost
I am sorry for the love that is gone.

Public Dancing, a mistake

Ever dreamed of breaking into a flash mob of synchronised dance moves and people join in and it lit well no!!
the truth is that it is mega embarrassing and not a joke but if you want to become a joke sure go ahead get those moves on and dance like nobody is watching but quiet literally THE WHOLE WORLD IS LOOKING AT YOU AND JUDGING YOU.
Questions might arise that why would something as light as public dancing and shooting a video will get you kicked out my answer is because people cannot handle other people having fun!
I did a bit of public dancing myself back in the day (yesterday) it was fun and all but I wasn’t able to look people in the eye after I was done and also I got kicked out so like wasn’t much of an experience.
Another point about public dancing is that it depends on the people, if you’re a fleet of dancer well respected and you’re parents are proud of your dancing career (cue the sarcasm) then you can dance wherever you want butt if you’re a bunch of fat teens trying to have fun the eyes will be on you and you will get emotionally scarred by all the stares.
When I started my public dancing I made my rule that I will not look people in the eye and just go about it but it isn’t like that you somehow look people in the eye and boom goes the dynamite you have a feeling of melting off and basically you want the ground to eat you up.


Look Away

Don’t look at me
What are you looking at?
Bumps on my cheek or slit on my lips
The flawed eyes or crooked the smile
Don’t look so close
You might see the torments of my brain
The emptiness of my soul
Or the questions in my mind
You might see that I am longing for you day and night
You will see that I am alone, alone at all times.
I don’t want to let you know that I love you and miss you when you’re gone.
So look away before it’s too late
Look away before you start hating me for being me
Look away before I force you to be mine.
Don’t look so closely or you might found out the truth in my lies
Or the secrets that lie under my lips
Or the tears trying to sneak out of my eyes
So before the time slips
Look away and never look back
Or I will push you away

An Ode to A Selfish Man

Hello, How are you?
Do you care that I miss you?
You went away and didn’t look back
Like I was a piece of trash
How selfish can you be?
Achieving your happily ever after
While I cry daily

Your favourite show was airing tonight,
I smiled at your behalf
The comedian was making political jokes that only you can get,
That’s when I missed you dearly.

I cry at nights, sometimes at day
Only to understand that you ain’t coming back.
Did you get my texts, calls or emails?
Probably not because they are left unanswered.
I told you things that nobody knows,
Things that I am not very proud of but you couldn’t care less.
It feels like I am talking to myself, like posting a blog that nobody reads,
like shooting an arrow at no goal, like speaking to the ghosts.
Why is that?
Do you hate me now?
Forgot all the times we spent,
How you named me after a Goddess
Or how you taught me how to walk
You do remember how I cried on the floor after you went away
Maybe not,
Because you don’t care
You are the one who got away.

I wonder what happened after they burnt your body
I wonder who is beside you now
Giving you medicines each night or making you a tea each day.
It is just that I miss you when I am alone and surrounded by people but all of those faces is not yours,
Because you’re gone never to come back,
You selfish man!

A Community called AIESEC

You probably know about AIESEC, probably you don’t but read this out if you want to know how an organization can change an individual’s life.

It was a slow month of July when I got into college and started hating it! I hated every part about the college and its people; the only hope was good education and probability of having great friends. One fine day, a group of individuals walked into my classroom and started talking about an organization which can possibly change my life; I heard them, nodded and kept my head down.

That day when I came back home I googled “AIZEC”, then what opened fascinated me to the extreme and I decided to sign up because I had nothing to do that semester.

If, by any chance, you follow me while I whine on this web space you would know how big my dreams were and when I wasn’t able to achieve them I thought to myself, I am going to be grateful for what I have and embrace what I get. In that process of embracing I joined AIESEC.

In my pretentious head, I was sure that I will get selected. I kept saying to myself, “they will be losing if they didn’t select me” so I walked in the day of recruitments like a boss, ready to sign up but there was more…

The selection process was stringent, I found out that over 400 students signed up for this and were to go through three tier process hearing that my brain exploded.

A simple organization, where people were finding recruits like scavengers has a three tier selection process, you got to be kidding me. I just signed up for the biggest bait of my life where I threw my rupees hundred down the drain. I laughed on the professional wannabees, rolled my eyes and sat back.

“Want to come at Diksha Shree Tiwari? Come at me, boo!” I said and made my first friend of AIESEC while waiting under the scorching heat of the sun (I was wearing a fancy top and mascara).

Long story short, I got selected and was overwhelmed about it, not that I didn’t anticipated it but when most of my friends were receiving messages of ‘not selected’ I was questioning myself.

Day one of AIESEC was nothing like I expected it to be, not that I expected anything but still it was great. People were dancing, mingling, saying different things, there were roll-calls and smiles, and I loved it. I looked around with my blurry vision (of course I wasn’t wearing my glasses) and absolutely loved it. They told me about AIESEC and in my head I changed my attitude already; from a pretentious and whiny teen I wanted to become a strong, independent individual. People of my age were standing in front of me delivering their speeches and that motivated to the fullest.

That was the kind of impact AIESEC had on me on its day one and I was just getting started.

Through AIESEC I had to go to schools for appointments and it made me feel so strong and happy, I use to talk to principals and heads like I was some professional. Outside I was speaking with full impact but inside I was peeing myself, the good part about it was nobody found out.

Apart from all the independence that it gave me, AIESEC also gave me a bunch of friends, like a bunch of friends and I cannot thank enough for it. On this day, I have many friends, I walk in my college and people wave me from all sides, there is confetti blown on my face and carpet are laid for me, I am that level of popular (a little exaggeration). And also I gained many Instagram followers so like… I am not complaining.

I am not saying AIESEC journey was an easy one, there were times when I failed but those were the times I learned.

I learned that not all autowallas are not thieves, some are good.

I learned that I should be more grateful and thankful for what I have.

I learned that leaving at 7 PM for a 7:30 PM appointment is always a mistake.

I learned how to deal with strangers, I learned how trust random people and most of all I learned how to write a good E-MAIL (still have no idea how to write letter of intent).

There was times when I had no clue what I was doing so I turned to my trusted friend, Google.

One time, randomly I texted my Team Leader that I wanted a holiday, she said follow the protocol and write an email about the application. So first I googled the meaning of ‘Protocol’ and then I googled ‘how to right an application for an organization who doesn’t care about my existence’, it was easy.

There are many things that I haven’t experienced in AIESEC but I am always ready to experience more. I didn’t go to any of the conferences because parents didn’t allow but I wait for the day when I will go and live the AIESEC Way.

Anyways, the truth is that the kind of impact AIESEC as an organization had on me nothing can top that. No matter how long my father’s lectures are, no matter how taunting my mother may be but AIESEC is imprinted on my soul (woah that was dreamy) and I have changed my ways to be the AIESEC Way.

For me AIESEC is not an organization it is a community, which does everything together and welcomes everyone with open arms.










P.s- if anybody wants to go an international internship, do not hesitate to ask me.




Why Can’t I Loosen Up?

12th October 2016, I went to a party “the party is going to be lit” I heard them all saying. I actually fought many factors to be there because I wanted to party so badly, I wanted to dance like nobody was watching and actually live the day to the fullest but I did something really wrong I didn’t, I didn’t dance like nobody was watching, I didn’t live that day to the fullest instead I checked out my Twitter feed and thought to myself why can’t I loosen up?

There were many answers that came into my head none were accurate but still here there are:

I was wearing an almost backless dress and knowing me I knew the chances of wardrobe malfunction was at its highest, so I couldn’t dance. I cannot even walk from booth to another without thinking that my entire inner love is on the show and men are basking in its glory, I had thick insecurity issues that day. I did tucked in my gut for a while but holding the breath and dancing is a tough job.

I also thought of that creepy guy who was looking at me way too much, maybe I was hallucinating and it was all just me but I can swear he was looking at me and if it weren’t of his eye balls I would’ve danced that day.

The DJ was so crappy I almost wanted to throw a tissue paper on his face, the reason that I wasn’t able to loosen up. If he were playing a little Beyonce I would’ve showed the club who the real thang is and who can twerk for days. But Beyonce wasn’t playing and I wasn’t dancing.

Four hours later, I was still glued to my seat checking my phone again and again, I didn’t even had data that was reason right there to let my phone go but I couldn’t.

My friends did come to get so I did the classic on the dance floor:

Legs apart,

Fingers snapping


And subtly moon walking out of the dance floor.

After a while, I was a liability to my friends so I went to stuff my face still thinking why can’t I reflect my inner goddess to the world, are there people not lucky enough to see my moves? Yeah that could be it.

I also considered taking a glass full of vodka; though I am against the belief “drinks make you who you are” I considered it. Honestly, I am stupid enough without drinks, my decisions are still questionable. I can jump off the roof while sober. I can turn into Shakira in a matter of five seconds (my hips do not lie). I know all the hit songs still the dance floor will never see me moving.

There is always a thought that maybe my bra strap is showing or my skirt is flying and if you are wearing jeans it feels like, the jeans will fall off! So you might as well sit tight!

It is like there an eye looking at you judging you, she will talk about you when you are gone or make fun of you, and the lingering thought is not good enough. It blocks your personality and I don’t want that.

The realization that “maybe I am not a fun person anymore” screws you hundred times over.

After sitting four hours in a club I got out and first thing my friend did was corrected my bra strap which was seeing the outside world. Like really, you were out! And because of it I didn’t get up and danced.

Anyways, who sees the bra strap in a dark club?

Next time, I will dance like that creepy guy is blind.

I will dance like the music isn’t bad or I can slap the DJ to play better music .

And most of all, I will wear flats.

Sister’s Keeper- Part 2

Our dad was here, the real one not the fake one, what a blunder. We were in great trouble we knew it and when I saw it on my sister’s face it was clear that she was thinking the same thing as me.

He came in and sat, looked at us and shook his head like secretly telling the teachers that “it is there daily job to let me down why are you wasting your time”. The atmosphere was thick, thicker than any R.D Sharma book there is and I was sweating like a hooker in a church (there was actually a church in that college).

So the White Poison started speaking and the words she spoke still echo in the back of my head, she was speaking some utter nonsense. The judgment was drawn from the three hour meeting she had with my sister and three meeting shouting match she had with me, which were purely wrong by the way.

She was saying our future was hazy and we were about to bring shame to our household, it was a grave offence which we did today and even the jail will not accept us, we brought sully to our parents, the school we go to, the nation the world and the entire human race, which was weird to me because there were girls from this premises who were wrapped with their thirty year boyfriends just outside the gates and we just crashed a party.

After thirty minutes, when she was done with vomiting the poison, my dad was done nodding and we were done crying. Our dad looked at us and nodded, we were feeling bad that why we always bring him to this position and we always let him down. We don’t want to, but it happens we always make stupid mistake and he suffers because of us, he is always seated on the other end of the table only to listen to what we did wrong not what we did right. All through school we never gave him that opportunity and I am sorry.

Very sorry

Anyways, the meeting was over with dad being really hurt and White Poison was basking on her egoistic glory, she kept saying that “I wanted them to learn a lesson after this mistake”. My question was and still is: what lesson? My rebel sis just came to the wrong college that is all, and if we really think about it is wrong to come, trespass, walk in whatever you call it but she was sorry and there were other girls who crashed as well, where were they.

The real world really is crooked, if you don’t get caught you did nothing wrong.

Dad drove us home without saying anything, our week was ruined. Mom opened the door started yelling with a little featuring by my grandmother who cannot usually speak when dealing with a crisis but when it comes to bashing she is omnipresent.

After many hours the bashing was over we relaxed but next part of bashing was about to come by our father.

As we were mentally preparing for the bashing part two one phone call brought our screws together, the Backstabber’s Mother called because apparently we were shaming her daughter and telling the world that she is a backstabber, she is a backstabber but it wasn’t right for her mother, which was again new to me because whenever I am wrong my mother never ever defends me plus she hits me. She wasn’t getting hit and getting defended as well, where did she sign up for that. Anyways the call was over and my Rebel Sis had a list to make as to how many people snubbed her today, she was just done when the backstabber’s mom and the backstabber showed up at our place.

Let me give you a little history about the backstabber’s mom she was our high school teacher and my class teacher which was ultra disastrous. I was out of high school but not completely though; in my head I still was afraid of her, I still never drank water in class cause I knew from somewhere she will scold me. So, the student in my heart did the most practical thing anyone would do, I hid in the bathroom like the coward that I am. I had absolutely nothing to do with the whole episode but still I was hiding like I always do in any tensed situation.

As today’s episode was too much to take for my delicate mom she was mediating at the time when the backstabber’s mom showed up and which adult was left to tackle the whole situation my grandmother. While speaking to the Mom my grandmother had no idea what is happening but she was speaking, because speaking is important n matter what the situation is.

The backstabber’s mom talked about my Rebel Sis conduct she was speaking about how she made the tea, the Mom was talking about the college she was talking about which TV show she watches, it was funny but still I was hiding so I didn’t care much.

Meantime, I was on my knees praying that a fight don’t break and the, volcano don’t erupt and Beyonce’s Hold Up comes on Youtube. The only way to know what was going outside was my source, my little bird, my maid who was running around the house, I called her to me and asked what is happening outside, she said “nothing”, I sighed, but that nosey bitch asked to me “is there anything suppose to happen” she wagged her eyebrows I shut her out, no feeding the gossip. The pride of Tiwari household was on my shoulders.

The atmosphere outside was really calm as my sister was done successful in explain what actually went down, the backstabber was done explain it wasn’t her fault that she got caught, which we don’t believe but all was okay. Both the probable backstabber and her mother ate laddus and went away.

My mother still was mediating oblivious to whatever happened outside. She came out we told her everything she was mad but when is she not mad?

Dad was hurt and he still taunts us about it but we gave him some time and…

All was again good.





Sister’s Keeper- Part 1

Wednesday, 11th August.

I was watching suicide squad like no one is watching, as I sipped coke from my neighbors’ cup when she was too engrossed in the movie a vibration in my pants made my eyes widen, I put back the and started introspecting currently action scene was going on, do I get turn on by fighting? No. Then what was this amazing vibration? Then I realized it was my phone. I switched it off and continued watching.

When I got out of the cinema I looked into my phone, there were twenty missed calls all by my elder sister. I wasn’t alarmed at all, I knew she called because she wanted some food from the outside world but I was wrong. Twenty-first time she called I picked up, annoyed but she sounded scared, she was crying.

She told me that she is in some office, “dental office” I heard but she shouted and discovered it was principal’s office.

I knew exactly what she had done!

Before starting the anecdote let me give you a little prequel to the whole situation.

So my bold and rebel sister went to this college fresher’s party where she wasn’t a student, it is safe to say that she crashed the party. She wasn’t even remotely related to the college apart from being rejected from that institute.

Anyways, she went in thinking that the thug life chose her but she got caught by some random traitor hoe which landed her into huge dramatic trouble.

And here the story starts. Since, I am not a snitch imma take no names (I am also a coward) I am going to introduce you to the characters.

Rebel sis- my elder sister who likes to play games with the arrangement.

White poison- the principal of the office who was so white she was about to file a lawsuit.

Backstabber- the girl who got her into trouble

Backstabber’s mom- who was also our teacher back in high school

Yin Yan friend- my sister’s best friend

Almost Yan friend- my sister’s best friend two

Fake dad- who stepped up for her

Real dad- who stepped on her

Mom- who cried

Me- who was finding words to write this blog while the drama was unfolding.

When I got to the college I already found her friends waiting outside for me I reached to them and found out the intensity of the situation. My rebel sis was in some real crap she dug a hole for herself and she was constantly falling in it.

Here I present before you the golden well polished lies my rebel sis told the white poison:

  1. Our parents were separated.
  2. My mother lives elsewhere.
  3. We live with our dad.
  4. Our dad is irresponsible.
  5. We suffer a lot at home.
  6. You are adopted(wait, she told me this lie)

My brain exploded, these were not only terrible lies but were bad omens too, oh god! I did a little prayer to the God above and wished for these bad omens to have no effect on us, my eyes were closed and I was chanting some words when one of her friend snapped.

It was my time to go inside and win her freedom for her. She was inside since morning and it was already three hours, I wanted an out for her. Silently, I thought about the time I threw the get out of jail card in the dustbin (this is all karma).

As I reached the office I was welcomed by my crying sister and very furious (or boiling) white poison.

I entered and started yelling about how she kept her captive and how this is unfair and how my little sister is not a threat to the school and how Friends is different from How I Met Your Mother but that white poison had a strong voice box she started shouting louder than me. I backed off, I strive for peace! (I chickened out)

Anyways, as I was continuing the stories of how my parents cannot come, my sister murmured dad is coming, I remembered how her friends were talking about a fake dad, and a fake dad was coming.

And the peon declared arrival of a dad…yes our fake dad is here.


It was our real dad.

…to be continued.