Starting from yesterday was my summer break that I had been waiting for since the day I entered my college, it started and I smiled, I went out to eat and came home, slept and then starting binged watching movies.

After my fourth movie I decided I really need to get my shit together for this summer, but it was too late to get my shit together, it was too late to do anything so I slept again.

I woke up today with a burst of joy and happiness and a kid like frolic-ness, I cleaned my room, tried to DIY distress my jeans, distressed it for three hours and then found out my jeans wasn’t fitting me, I was sad so I thought now I will get slim to fit in my DIY jeans, so I skipped my second lunch. I watched Pitch Perfect 2 and by the end of movie I wanted to learn guitar, called the guitar classes asked for the fees, too expensive hung up saying I have to take rocket ship building lessons and slumped back on the chair, then I cuddled with my mom while dreaming about getting spanked by a hot Spanish guy.

I woke up did some social media or maybe it did me judging by how exploited I felt after it was over and then I sat down and wrote a book (I write a book by the way, the link is somewhere in the blog treasure hunt for it), after that was done, here I am writing a blog post describing my day, I really want to give it a theme, or a funny ending maybe even a sad ending but that was it.

There is nothing I can say that will make people read my blogs, so I am writing this. At this point, I only write because I don’t want to feel guilty that I left my passion behind.

So ya that was my day. Also I picked up a fight with some random dude and police arrested me but it wasn’t a big deal, big deal is how random this post is.

I want to swear and say something irrational but I shan’t that is against my morals; just like earning millions is against my morals (can’t be a stripper).



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