Times of India classifieds rates are now available online!

Have you ever been wanting to just know the rates of the product before you close down your deal and no matter how much you ransack the internet the costs are just hidden behind the smiles of Salespeople well worry no more Internet has never been so good to advertisers as it has become today. Times of India’s classified rates are available online thanks to releaseMyAd. Times of India, the famous newspaper is the most wanted advertisement spot for all as its outreach is huge but this ultra-dynamic newspaper has less to do with online bookings and because of that advertisers find it difficult to find its rate cards, offers and other important information but that has changed as new marketing startup releaseMyAd which provides marketing solutions for businesses has just provided with the Times Of India classifieds booking rate card for everyone’s convenience. Everything is very easily available on the releaseMyAd’s website.
Not only that, releaseMyAd provides City wise cheapest classifieds booking rates for ads. Now you can book ads with ease via releaseMyAd. Now you can very easily book classifieds for business, personal, property, recruitments, marriage, announcements and more all in the comfort of your home at very cheap rates, thanks to releaseMyAd.com
More about releaseMyAd-
releaseMyAd is a advertising platform for companies and individuals to promote their businesses in the cheapest rates as well as at relevant places. It is easy and smart and super flexible. It is smartest way to advertise in India. Their motto “Advertise Anywhere” makes it easier for businessmen to reach out a new set of relevant audience, apart from that, releaseMyAd also provides consultancy solutions for advertisers just check the Help Me Plan Tab on the releaseMyAd website. releaseMyAd also reaches out to Colleges for college promotion of the products whose target audience are students, through it campus promotion it has successfully promoted many products.
Its famous patrons are, Nyka, Voonik, Swiggy and many more.
So if you’re looking for classifieds ads worry not releaseMyAd has you covered now you can very easily not only enquire the rates but also book ads online.


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