Hello I am Taboo
I am everything you’re mom told you not to do because it brought bad luck, I am clacking of teeth, snipping of scissors. I am doing laundry on Thursday, eating meat on Tuesday or not smoking on Monday, working on Sunday and staying home on Saturday, not enjoying Fridays and not cursing Wednesday, I am the laid back week which comes and goes. I am two lovers kissing when the thing they have inside their pants is the same, I am one lover loving two people, I am one lover loving people in usual, I am the forbidden love.
I am the name of Allah from the mouth of Krishna and the name of Krishna from the mouth of Adam. I am the clackers of high heels in church and a draped sari in a club. I am asking for attention in short skirt and looking like a mother in long shirt. I am an early marriage, late marriage, no marriage, two marriages or low budget marriages in usual. I am a room full of like minded people wanting to change the world. I am eccentric, spontaneously wrong and morally incorrect. I am dog staying with a deer or a deer playing with a lion. I am the smile of a victim or cry of the convict. I am a mini skirt, a crop top and a hijab worn together. I am moral and social. I am an arm full of tattoos and face full of piercings. I am your business, your neighbour’s business, your dog’s business of thinking that I am shame. I am teenage pregnancy, late pregnancy and no pregnancy.
I am sex at the age 14, sex in the age of 40 or sex in age of death. I Hindu in a land of Muslim or Jew in a land of Christian. I am a girl walking on the street with a beer in hand, I am a boy staying at home and watching kids. I am constant ringing of the bells or whistles or horns in a silent place. I am a scream and silence. I am what you’re father told you not to do because it annoys him.



  1. Masha · August 4

    Interesting way to describe taboo!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yanika Muscat · August 4

    Good read! Seem good poem. 🙂 Never ending wanted more 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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