There is a Way you Walk in the Rain.

Rain brings out the rebel in me,
When the first drop of water hits the pavement I suddenly forget about the rules Miss. Madhu thought me when I was 4
When the second drop of the water hits my hand I suddenly forgot about all the times I almost died in the rain due to my ailments.
And when it is pouring out I take the wires that are attached to me and whip them loose and I dance, I dance in the garden of my second home so much so that my second mom calls my second dad but still I don’t stop.
There is a way you walk in Rain which is not straight, there is a way you walk in the Rain when you are happy and not sad…for once.
There is way you walk in the rain when you’re just the happiest kid in the world.
Then there is a way to lie on the ground and seeing everything blacking out, there is a way you just see the sky above and the drops of water covering your face.
There is a way of breathing when there is no breaths left, there is way your heart pounds and you know the rain is going to stop and as the last vapours of the pits will fly out in the son you will too.
There is way your second mother will call you first mother and your first dad will scold your second dad and there is a way you will just watch, just watch there pitter patter and hear the pitter patter of the raindrops from the leaves into the ground.
And then you will be happy that the four walls is an open ground, the single bed is a bed of clouds and rain is not rain for you it becomes the last thing you saw.
But there is a way you walk in the rain and that is slowly not fast.


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