A Gentleman

“Gentleman” I wish he was real and true and there in front of me
But for me he is a mystical creature made in stories and in the books of fun.
He is the guy who opens door for you only to hold you hand which then holds his love while he moans in foreign tongue.
He is the guy who buys you a nice dinner and asks for it under the table and scraps your knees if you say… dare you say no.
He is the guy who walks past you on the street to touch your guarded bits.
He is the one who asks you to smile in the club or on the road or in your home.
He is the guy who wants you to be his early morning breakfast or the midday meal or the midnight snack sometimes all in the same day just because he wants it.
He wants you to swarm his inbox with your discreet pictures so that he can know your insecurities like the back of his hands.
“Gentleman” I wish I knew where you were so that I could come to you but I know you would just call me when you need me or never text me back so I stand here surrounded with my miseries.
You are out there on your white horse but that horse is me and that whip is your weapon and you strike me and ask me to do faster faster faster.


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