Virtual Internships: Perfect for college students

If you know me which I don’t guess you do but hypothetically if you know me you would know I am obsessed with working and learning. When I stepped into college I was super excited to join many internships and clubs but when I saw the curriculum I was done first give semesters, tests, submit assignments and them do an internship no no my brain l, body and soul cannot handle it (my intestine as well) when an year passed I woke up from my slumber and logged in to my college website mainly because I was bored then there was it highlighted in beautiful color of blue like that of the sky, placed on the top of the notice list was my break, my everything, my one shot at productivity, a virtual internship with the best Ad company in the country and hell yeah I grabbed it.
More I scrolled down to the ReleaseMyAd Website more excited I got and my dreams were reaching the sky as I clicked registered but then I got rejected.
You’re shocked as well, Diksha Shree Tiwari got rejected!!? I don’t know this word so I tried again not underestimating the internship this time and then after praying to the seven Gods, old Gods and New, lighting up thousands 1000 incense sticks and doing everything possible I got selected.
The waiting period was long (2 weeks to be exact) and more I waited more nervous I got.
Then the D-Day arrived my first day at Virtual Internship at ReleaseMyAd was beautiful beyond amazing. I learned so much on the first day and it did made me realize that practical knowledge is much important than just reading the books.
I get weekly tasks which in the deadline I need to finish and as I finish them I get points and those points decide my level in my batch. I also get mentorship lessons by the awesome mentors. The tasks are very friendly and are super easy and quick, something so simple and amazing can get you so much knowledge it was beautiful.
I want to thank ReleaseMyAd for giving me a platform and also I recommend this Virtual Internship to everyone who is too busy for field work and too productive for college books.
brb while I scream my way up to the top.


Completion of tasks get you points!!


Trust me it is the best Certified Virtual Internship




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