Public Dancing, a mistake

Ever dreamed of breaking into a flash mob of synchronised dance moves and people join in and it lit well no!!
the truth is that it is mega embarrassing and not a joke but if you want to become a joke sure go ahead get those moves on and dance like nobody is watching but quiet literally THE WHOLE WORLD IS LOOKING AT YOU AND JUDGING YOU.
Questions might arise that why would something as light as public dancing and shooting a video will get you kicked out my answer is because people cannot handle other people having fun!
I did a bit of public dancing myself back in the day (yesterday) it was fun and all but I wasn’t able to look people in the eye after I was done and also I got kicked out so like wasn’t much of an experience.
Another point about public dancing is that it depends on the people, if you’re a fleet of dancer well respected and you’re parents are proud of your dancing career (cue the sarcasm) then you can dance wherever you want butt if you’re a bunch of fat teens trying to have fun the eyes will be on you and you will get emotionally scarred by all the stares.
When I started my public dancing I made my rule that I will not look people in the eye and just go about it but it isn’t like that you somehow look people in the eye and boom goes the dynamite you have a feeling of melting off and basically you want the ground to eat you up.



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