The Marriage CV

In this dynamic era there are many changes that have taken place; we have reached the moon, discovered a meteorite in Antarctica and most importantly made fidget spinners. Along with the technological, political and environmental changes the human has also changed. Most of us firmly believe that woman is no less than man and the word ‘Feminism’ is widely used so much that it has lost its meaning. Now a woman working is nothing and a woman not working is a huge deal which makes me wonder, is it important for a woman to go out in the world and make a mark?

Yesterday a met a very beautiful girl, she was my sister’s friend. She doesn’t want to get a job or a degree she wants to get married and make children and because of that everyone looks down upon her. Like most of us are trying to make our CV this girl (let’s call her Tina) is making her  CV for marriage, she takes cooking classes, baking classes, she can manage kids, she can listen to blabber of old people , she is submissive and super sexy a perfect marriage CV but why do people look down upon her? It is her choice after all.

In this world of ultra development we forgot about being true to ourselves, at least Tina is being true to herself. This situation makes me wonder the real reason of a woman, is she made to go out in the world and make a career, do a job and hustle? Or maybe she wants to spend her days making a home, nurturing human beings, teaching values and what not. What I am trying to convey is why we say a woman is not worth anything if she chooses homemaking over career, isn’t homemaking a job?

Turn back time and think of our mothers, who spent her days and nights teaching us, taking care of the house and family, a woman can be a teacher, an electrician, a cook , a baker, an accountant and still we say that a housewife does no job and we boycott the woman who have dreams of just marrying. More trash is given to a woman who left her job to get married but I don’t see anything wrong in that. What if that is what she planned all along? Let me tell you marriage is much much harder than any job there is. So please don’t see stay at home wife as no one they are working much more than you and are much more happier than you as well.

A marriage CV is equally important as a regular CV, at least the marriage CV gets us a partner a regular CV gets us rejection (if you don’t have 4.0) and do not give me crap about “but you lose your independence right after marriage” if you’re a head strong lady and have the power to convey her thoughts you can never lose your independence, your independence is in your hand.A woman can be anything she wants to be, she has a choice and let her choose. If a woman wants to be a house-maker let her be, if she wants to marry right after school what is wrong in that?

Respect everyone and judge no one.



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