You’re Free Now

IMG_7162How do you feel now that you’re gone
Left behind my bitchy self who always complained about your shirts and socks
You must be so happy when you walked out of the door
When you slam it shut, and ran from the corridor
Ran so fast so that I don’t  catch you.
You’re so free right now.
Yes I am a bitch, complaining about rape culture more than I should maybe I am more of a bitch when I say no
Or when you look that way at me and I scrunch my nose.
You left behind a bitch, a bitch that lives alone,
In the depth of despair and a grave that only I have known.
I am sorry if I want to stay out all night
I am sorry if I want to pay my own bills
I am sorry if I like to take my own decisions and has no chill
I am sorry if I dyed my hair without telling
I am sorry if I am always yelling
I am sorry that I man-spread and eat straight out of the box.
I am sorry I am like this, a total bitch.
But you’re free now from all the bitchy ness and all the mess, you’re free from all the stupidity and changing your shirt fourteen times to colour coordinate
Guess you weren’t just out of my dream novel so you had to go
But this bitch is alone with a resting face
The slivers of my heart are fell on the ground
but I wont pick em up I don’t need them now.
I am living with a tear trying to tear out my eye
I am okay, I promise.
I promise I will feel better if I correct someone’s grammar or maybe point their mistakes out.
I will be fine when I will find my someone new and shoo him away too
But you’re free
Maybe you’re with a girl who just likes to get choked and sit on her knees
Maybe you’re with a girl who doesn’t tell you to leave
Maybe you’re with a girl who spells wrongly
But that is okay you’re free and it is not a challenge anymore.


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