Look Away

Don’t look at me
What are you looking at?
Bumps on my cheek or slit on my lips
The flawed eyes or crooked the smile
Don’t look so close
You might see the torments of my brain
The emptiness of my soul
Or the questions in my mind
You might see that I am longing for you day and night
You will see that I am alone, alone at all times.
I don’t want to let you know that I love you and miss you when you’re gone.
So look away before it’s too late
Look away before you start hating me for being me
Look away before I force you to be mine.
Don’t look so closely or you might found out the truth in my lies
Or the secrets that lie under my lips
Or the tears trying to sneak out of my eyes
So before the time slips
Look away and never look back
Or I will push you away


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