An Ode to A Selfish Man

Hello, How are you?
Do you care that I miss you?
You went away and didn’t look back
Like I was a piece of trash
How selfish can you be?
Achieving your happily ever after
While I cry daily

Your favourite show was airing tonight,
I smiled at your behalf
The comedian was making political jokes that only you can get,
That’s when I missed you dearly.

I cry at nights, sometimes at day
Only to understand that you ain’t coming back.
Did you get my texts, calls or emails?
Probably not because they are left unanswered.
I told you things that nobody knows,
Things that I am not very proud of but you couldn’t care less.
It feels like I am talking to myself, like posting a blog that nobody reads,
like shooting an arrow at no goal, like speaking to the ghosts.
Why is that?
Do you hate me now?
Forgot all the times we spent,
How you named me after a Goddess
Or how you taught me how to walk
You do remember how I cried on the floor after you went away
Maybe not,
Because you don’t care
You are the one who got away.

I wonder what happened after they burnt your body
I wonder who is beside you now
Giving you medicines each night or making you a tea each day.
It is just that I miss you when I am alone and surrounded by people but all of those faces is not yours,
Because you’re gone never to come back,
You selfish man!


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