Easier Said Than Done

I was writing a very sad and depressing post about Breakups but halfway through it I realized, is this really worth it? Like being all sad and depressed about a hypothetical situation and making the reader remember their toxic breakup in fifth grade really worth all the writing, editing and posting?

I am not really down for that life because I am a happy soul. I would rather donate my eyeballs than cry for a guy.

The aforesaid thought also made me realize, is it bad if you cry for people or cry in situation or as a whole, cry a lot? Because I, as a person, am a very very very emotional person, tears are part of my face and faucet goes off at any situation.

Is it wrong?

I did read a lot of post saying ‘Be Strong’ or ‘don’t show your weakness to anyone’ but what if I want to show my weakness to someone to make them realize I am only human and I cry so please be careful what you say as you’re hurting me right now because it is not right to get hurt continuously and not fighting to make it stop.

It is very easy for any person to say “aww you are such a cry baby please cry less” well here is my answer Tim, “I will cry and I will cry so much that you get drown in my tears and you know what will save you? nothing!”

So Tim please don’t tell me to cry less as I am never gonna cry less, if anything I am gonna cry more.

Anyways, the post was about feeling sad when you breakup with someone, right? Okay back to the topic.

So yeah, if your honey mustard with a side of mayo left you you should feel sad as he/she was the person who made you happy and now that he/she is gone you don’t have anywhere to belong to and yes that is a sad situation.

For me breakups are like ending a really nice TV series you don’t know what to do next but kids, when I finished Game of Thrones I watched Narcos, when I finished Narcos I watched Walking Dead and when I will finish Walking Dead then I will be clueless so I will turn to YouTube or go back to How I met Your Mother, my first love.

Getting the drill here?

Either you date another person or change the type of person you are dating or go back to your Ex(no judging).

But yes the problem comes when you get so attached with one person so when he/she goes it is hard…like really hard. No matter how many movies you watch or how many friends you catch up with or how badly you tweark, nothing works.

And by nothing I mean nothing in this world can cheer you up.

Which is okay, you are accepting your love for that person and accepting that you are sad about it, you are accepting the chaos in your life. So disregard ‘I don’t cry for boys’, and cry. If you’re feeling bad cry it out, it is not okay to keep your feeling packed.

Yes you want him/her to feel bad about the whole situation and you hate that you want him/her but baby it is okay.

It is okay not to be okay.

Forget for a second what Queen B says, and accept he/she is not irreplaceable he was a gem that you just lost and you can never get him back but at least, at this point, you can cry and accept your mistake and not feel bad about it.

Eat some vanilla ice-cream and be miserable, wear the same shirt for three days and don’t shower, be lost and clueless, it is the process of accepting your feeling and let me tell you accepting your feelings is the greatest gesture there ever is.

A very wise person told me, crying is actually a sign that you are strong.

So yes you have broken up with a man of your dreams cry a river and drown in it so that Zac Effron from Baywatch can come and save you, at least while he will grope your limp body you will get some action because we know you ain’t getting any action for a long long time.

Now cry about that.


P.s- Please don’t point out that there are worse things to cry about than a broken relationship, I cry when waiter gets my order wrong so what made you think I won’t cry when La La Land didn’t win picture of the year?


One comment

  1. thatgirlwitharedscarf · February 28, 2017

    LOVE LOVE LOVE EVERYTHING YOU WRITE! ❤️❤️ Also, La La Land not winning had me in tears. Legit tears.

    Liked by 1 person

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