Almost Ten

Hello I am almost ten, almost but never enough.

I almost make it but never make it to the fullest, I am there standing on the second position but never the first.

I have seen people’s back but never the front; I have applauded but never received applauds.

I am the listener of people’s motivation which tells me to “Try again, try again” but is never the talker.

I live for the days when I will get the ten; I dream the dreams of getting it.

I am the follower and not the leader; I am the preacher but never the priest.

I want but I can never get.

I see people reaching it and I stretch out only behind by an inch.

I have been on all the numbers, 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 9.75 but never 10

It is nine, sometimes nine and a half but never ten.

I am the sadness on people’s face, the regret of getting only one answer wrong.

I am the one who is the stepping stone to success but never the success.

I pray the prayers unknown to me but can never get what I want.

I am the failure in success

I am almost ten but never the ten.

via Daily Prompt: Ten


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