A Community called AIESEC

You probably know about AIESEC, probably you don’t but read this out if you want to know how an organization can change an individual’s life.

It was a slow month of July when I got into college and started hating it! I hated every part about the college and its people; the only hope was good education and probability of having great friends. One fine day, a group of individuals walked into my classroom and started talking about an organization which can possibly change my life; I heard them, nodded and kept my head down.

That day when I came back home I googled “AIZEC”, then what opened fascinated me to the extreme and I decided to sign up because I had nothing to do that semester.

If, by any chance, you follow me while I whine on this web space you would know how big my dreams were and when I wasn’t able to achieve them I thought to myself, I am going to be grateful for what I have and embrace what I get. In that process of embracing I joined AIESEC.

In my pretentious head, I was sure that I will get selected. I kept saying to myself, “they will be losing if they didn’t select me” so I walked in the day of recruitments like a boss, ready to sign up but there was more…

The selection process was stringent, I found out that over 400 students signed up for this and were to go through three tier process hearing that my brain exploded.

A simple organization, where people were finding recruits like scavengers has a three tier selection process, you got to be kidding me. I just signed up for the biggest bait of my life where I threw my rupees hundred down the drain. I laughed on the professional wannabees, rolled my eyes and sat back.

“Want to come at Diksha Shree Tiwari? Come at me, boo!” I said and made my first friend of AIESEC while waiting under the scorching heat of the sun (I was wearing a fancy top and mascara).

Long story short, I got selected and was overwhelmed about it, not that I didn’t anticipated it but when most of my friends were receiving messages of ‘not selected’ I was questioning myself.

Day one of AIESEC was nothing like I expected it to be, not that I expected anything but still it was great. People were dancing, mingling, saying different things, there were roll-calls and smiles, and I loved it. I looked around with my blurry vision (of course I wasn’t wearing my glasses) and absolutely loved it. They told me about AIESEC and in my head I changed my attitude already; from a pretentious and whiny teen I wanted to become a strong, independent individual. People of my age were standing in front of me delivering their speeches and that motivated to the fullest.

That was the kind of impact AIESEC had on me on its day one and I was just getting started.

Through AIESEC I had to go to schools for appointments and it made me feel so strong and happy, I use to talk to principals and heads like I was some professional. Outside I was speaking with full impact but inside I was peeing myself, the good part about it was nobody found out.

Apart from all the independence that it gave me, AIESEC also gave me a bunch of friends, like a bunch of friends and I cannot thank enough for it. On this day, I have many friends, I walk in my college and people wave me from all sides, there is confetti blown on my face and carpet are laid for me, I am that level of popular (a little exaggeration). And also I gained many Instagram followers so like… I am not complaining.

I am not saying AIESEC journey was an easy one, there were times when I failed but those were the times I learned.

I learned that not all autowallas are not thieves, some are good.

I learned that I should be more grateful and thankful for what I have.

I learned that leaving at 7 PM for a 7:30 PM appointment is always a mistake.

I learned how to deal with strangers, I learned how trust random people and most of all I learned how to write a good E-MAIL (still have no idea how to write letter of intent).

There was times when I had no clue what I was doing so I turned to my trusted friend, Google.

One time, randomly I texted my Team Leader that I wanted a holiday, she said follow the protocol and write an email about the application. So first I googled the meaning of ‘Protocol’ and then I googled ‘how to right an application for an organization who doesn’t care about my existence’, it was easy.

There are many things that I haven’t experienced in AIESEC but I am always ready to experience more. I didn’t go to any of the conferences because parents didn’t allow but I wait for the day when I will go and live the AIESEC Way.

Anyways, the truth is that the kind of impact AIESEC as an organization had on me nothing can top that. No matter how long my father’s lectures are, no matter how taunting my mother may be but AIESEC is imprinted on my soul (woah that was dreamy) and I have changed my ways to be the AIESEC Way.

For me AIESEC is not an organization it is a community, which does everything together and welcomes everyone with open arms.










P.s- if anybody wants to go an international internship, do not hesitate to ask me.






  1. Zaiyd · March 4, 2017

    Wow, I too am an AIESECer from AIESEC in Baroda! And my story started in the same fashion, college=boredom=exhausted_with_people And then joined AIESEC in October.
    PS: The first time I googled it I spelled it Issac and thought it was a nerd club and that’s the very reason I went for the interview 😛

    Liked by 1 person

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