A Thing About Consent

For all the ignorant men and women of the world:


I am Diksha Shree Tiwari a nobody from India but I feel that I am smart enough to tell you a thing or two about CONSENT, Not a hard word right? Just a seven letter word which can be find in any of the anti-patriarchal, normal or unbiased dictionary of the world but in your dictionary it cannot find its place as you are too full of yourself to understand it.

It doesn’t matter what the person is saying and how he or she is saying it, for you it always will be in the favor of how you want it to be. Probably you don’t understand English or maybe you weren’t brought up to understand the word, whatever the reason might be not understanding it cannot be excused but somehow through some intergalactic loophole you are excused of not knowing this word and it disgusts me.

‘No’ means ‘No’, no matter in what capacity it is said or believed, no matter how loud or how shrill it may sound, no matter how stupid you are to understand it, if a person says ‘No’ it means that he or she is not interested in the thing that you’re suggesting that is your cue to back off, if still you are not backing off you are dumb and you need some kind of education, I hope trial in the court would be enough for you to understand it.

Somehow, all the people in the world fail to understand the word ‘Consent’ only because the person saying it does not matter to them, the stereotypical and prejudices morons of the world establish some kind of judgment in their head and they work upon it.

Just because she is wearing a dress a little too revealing it does not mean she will be interested.

Just because she flirted with you before it does not mean that she will be interested.

Just because he comes to your house for Homework daily it does not mean that he will be interested.

Just because she sells her body for sex does not mean that she will be interested.

Just because he looks nice and quiet does not mean that he will be interested.

Weather the person is your wife\girlfriend, boyfriend\husband or just a stranger if the person says no it is your job to respect it and back off.

Everybody in this world is subject to his or her own decision, every person in this world can make his/her own lives and have a brain to do so, you are nobody to tell them what they should do or force them to do it and if you do it then you are the most coward person the world who has no strength to get what you want with respect and honor.

If a person is roaming the streets at night you are no one to judge him or her and think that just because he/she can roam about at 2 in the morning she/he will be very much interested in going to bed with me. Guess what honey boo, NO!

Yes you want to satisfy your wee bit of ego by forcing yourself on another person but that cannot be allowed and I hope somebody tell you this but let me be your mirror the world doesn’t revolve around you and your whims and fancies so sit the fuck down and calm your underwear.

So next time you try to pitch your idea to any person in the world if she/he said no you will back off because you are not a complete uneducated moron, you are much better than that.

I hope all you people understand what ‘Consent’ is and if you said ‘no’ to understand it, it is okay I will not force myself onto you and make you understand it, I will give you your space and respect your ‘Consent’ because that is what is right.






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