Hello, I am a hundred years old man from India; I speak less but I understand more.

All I do is sit outside in my grey shawl and look at the passersby, nobody acknowledges me except some of them, people call them mad. I don’t why only eccentric men are attracted to me? They are the ones who try and talk to me but I shoo them away; they are crazy for a reason.

My house is not a home anymore, it is not what I imagined it to be, it is full of quarrel and politics, my six daughters fight a lot and there is nothing I can do to stop them. I do cry sometimes in the dark where nobody can see me, I like crying it lifts the weight off my shoulder. I live in a dark corner of the house, nobody really goes there and so I get a piece of mind.

My two sons who hardly come near me touched my feet today and so I understood that today is some event, look like all the family has come to visit someone whom I don’t seem to recall. I cannot remember many of them; it looks like my family made many additions. I was invited to these weddings but I didn’t go, I didn’t want people around me, I am sick of them. I have many great grand children as well; I lost count of how many after I held my first one. My first grand daughter was very beautiful as a baby, I always thought she is very pure, but now she lies a lot and I know this because I can see.

I woke up with a smell of camphor then I was cleaned with a damp cloth, my elder son did it. Then I got seated in front of people like I was on display and suddenly most of them started crying, I say most of them as I know who cries the fake tears. I looked at them as they cried and cried for some reason then I got bored from there and wanted to leave but they left me first.

Mostly I like to eat air as my younger daughter in law hardly feeds me but sometimes when she cooks something nice I get a bite or two, depending upon how much is left for the family.

Many of them came to me and asked questions like, “how are you? “Is it cold?” and then suddenly they started to cry as if they pity me, but I don’t need any pity, I am happy where I am.

I know my family loves me a lot but I cannot tell how much as I don’t know, I am numb to the feeling of feeling and I hardly care about it, there love doesn’t matter to me.

The event got over and I was kept in the corner from where they lifted me and I wore my grey shawl and started looking at the passersby.

I look at the passersby mostly to entertain myself but sometimes if I am lucky ghost of my late wife comes to meet me and I love her so much. She will come to me and we will talk, laugh and cry together then she will have to leave as those eccentric men will come to disturb her, I hate those eccentric men they run around with a board and ask me stupid questions that I don’t want to answer.

Anyways, my wife and I were married fifty plus years, she will hate me because I cannot keep track of years but the daily snubs only make our bond stronger. We always promised to take our last breathe together but God betrayed me, she betrayed me, she left early. I was sleeping with her counting our last breaths, she took her last breathe and I smiled and waited for mine. Sadly, I had more breaths left, 11,613,458 in total. My widowhood was bad, still is bad but now she visits me more often. In my bad widowhood my daughter in law would take too much care of me and will pester me with everything, I just wanted some alone time so I always shoo them always. Nobody knows this but once my younger daughter in law pushed me and I went to sleep and all pain was gone, this is a secret that I am revealing now.

I hardly care about any of them now, I just want to sit here and look at the passersby and maybe talk to some of them nice eccentric men, my wife also comes to meet me at night so my life is set.

We play with those eccentric men telling stupid information, we climb on the peepal tree and laugh as small children shout, we take rounds of the empty fields and watch the crime happen but we don’t object we just pass by, sometimes we help the laborers in the field as the clouds are my good friend, I look up to them and they make it rain.

Then when it is morning, my wife goes away and asks me to come with her but I say no as I want to sit in the corner and look at the passersby.


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