The Five Second Rule!


You can have the best day of your life or you can regret it for days, you can have it all or you can lose it the truth is all depends on the five second rule.

The infamous five second rule is the reason why I am not leaving this planet and if someone tries to tell me that it is a myth I turn away ask them to leave my life but apart from giving us the liberty from picking up fallen food and eating it, five second rule gives us way more than that…it gives us a second life.

When those five seconds end we become a new person it totally depends on who we are, where we are and what will we do?

Five second gives us the liberty of choice, what we choose gives us who we are. You can have a story to tell or a hanging regret.

Standing on a cliff ready to bungee jump, you can’t do it you are scared, you listen to the blood rushing through your veins the gasping of air, there is death waiting for you downstairs but you know what you say to death when it is waiting for you…not today! 5 4 3 2 1…you jump!

In the morning, good job: you have a story to tell.

The party is roaring, everyone is jumping, you can hardly see anything but thank god you are sober, all your drunk friends are gone but one friend stays, he is drinking he takes a glass and presses it against your lips and you try to fight, you always imagined drinking in college nothing to be scared of, 5 4 3 2 1 you take it!

In the morning your drunk self hardly remembers anything but your friends do, your new friends does, that police officer you’ve beaten up does, and of course the carpet you peed on does, the cloak is off you are not shy anymore at least you know there is a part in you which can have fun and loosin’ up.

The wall still speaks of the way you danced in the hallway when you got invitation to that big party, the party is going to be lit you heard everyone in school say, you will meet so many new people, he is going to be there you take out your best dress and get ready to party. Same situation as last week, you drank that time and nothing happened so you take one too many glasses to lossin’ up, who knows you are just getting started you see another drink with some drugs 5 4 3 2 1 you take it!

In the morning your drunk self do not remember anything, but your EX does whom you messaged, your mom does who is cleaning your vomit, your dad does who listened to the neighbors’ complains, that police officer does who locked you in and that guy does who groped you.

Been six months since you’ve been broken up you still remember him, it was hard for you to let go but you did he was wrong. A mutual friend asked you out you almost forgot how to go out and how to react you are rusty and nervous but you still said yes, you wanted to move on. Today you will wear a little more eye liner and the expensive lip color, the date is awesome he takes you back to his place you are standing at his door, his suggestive look is telling you things. Are you ready you keep questioning the answer is no, but his eyes and his voice is driving you crazy, he gave you flowers you owe him something, he is looking at you the way he never did 5 4 3 2 1 you give him a hug and walked away.

You know he will call you a prude or just nod and accept but there are no regrets you are happy.

In the morning, he texts you and ask for a second date you smile because you found the one.

December nights are dark the moon is hardly shining the haze sits on the ground, it is creepy. You walk down the alley in a fast speed trying not to catch attention, there are two ways second is the shortcut.  You are desperate to reach home, you have an idea what lies ahead, you have watched way to many horror films but ghosts are not scary for you humans are, you stand there contemplating but you want to back to your dog 5 4 3 2 1 you step in and hear a loud crashing of bottles.

In the morning, your head is hurt and the marks on your shoulder are burning your dog licks your wound and cuddles with you. You never knew you had karate skills.

He is so cute and the way he smiles is so awesome but he is your best friend and you don’t want to ruin things. Right now he is laughing at your joke, his laugh is the best the way his nose gets when he laughs and the way his eyes squint looks so good, you see his lips they look good, the devil inside tells you to kiss him but you cannot he is a friend. Involuntarily you scoot in, closer view is even better you cannot stop yourself you want to kiss him he is so good in your head your dream is playing, your wildest fantasies takes over you 5 4 3 2 1 you kiss him!

In the morning, you are planning your wedding together not knowing in few years you will have a baby first.

Your mom won’t stop yelling, she has been going on for hours, dad hardly cares he is passed out on the couch but when he wakes up he yells even more, you know neighbors will not ring this time because last time nothing changed, your little sister is hiding under the bed with her dog, divorce is not an option your family doesn’t have money, your A graded paper lie in the corner mom was too mad to notice, in school he won’t even notice you after the night that you’ve spent. You see a knife lying on the side table this time you won’t fail 5 4 3 2 1 I will pray for your soul.

In the morning, finally everything is quiet, you look at everyone and smile guess being silent forever did the magic.


There is in or there is out, you take it or break it everything you are in life and everything you want to become in life totally depends on the five second.

It is the five second rule!




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