Hush Hush, Ladies Speaking

Just because I am girl does that take away my right of having a voice?

2016 is rolling out but the thoughts of the society are still static, we see girls as object or worse nothing and when someone stands for their own rights we tag them as feminist and for us it is too extreme so we roll our eyes.

My question is: why males cannot stand us having a voice? Are they threatened or just scared of the estrogen running through our veins which comes with strength and passion to make a change.

I remember raising my voice in front of a male and I was told to hush hush and stop speaking I am female and female don’t speak they listen. Who made this rule? Who made us lay so low that we forgot what it felt like being free? The answer would be the society! As soon as we take birth from the most rudiment of beginning we girls are seen as nothing, then we get married and our faces get covered not allowed to see the world; where in the world walking free without any harassment is a challenge having a voice is a joke.

We can do better

We will do better

But no wind is given to our wings and we are suppressed by the patriarchal society just because we are “girls”.

In Pride and Prejudice, Mr. Darcy hated Elizabeth just because she had a voice and in Jane Eyre, Jane was kicked out the house just because she stood for herself but still these two heroines thrived. I believe only Cinderella had her life sorted as she had seven men who did the chores but then a prince came and “saved” her, ladies think to yourself, do we need saving? Let’s be the queen without any king and we will perform better.

Repeat to yourself what Beyonce taught us: “We Woke Up FLAWLESS”, no man can let us down until we let him.

So no hush hush ladies, speak up and if someone tries to hush you down, scream even louder!

Just because you can, hence you will, and males stand back and hush hush ladies speaking!




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