Sister’s Keeper- Part 2

Our dad was here, the real one not the fake one, what a blunder. We were in great trouble we knew it and when I saw it on my sister’s face it was clear that she was thinking the same thing as me.

He came in and sat, looked at us and shook his head like secretly telling the teachers that “it is there daily job to let me down why are you wasting your time”. The atmosphere was thick, thicker than any R.D Sharma book there is and I was sweating like a hooker in a church (there was actually a church in that college).

So the White Poison started speaking and the words she spoke still echo in the back of my head, she was speaking some utter nonsense. The judgment was drawn from the three hour meeting she had with my sister and three meeting shouting match she had with me, which were purely wrong by the way.

She was saying our future was hazy and we were about to bring shame to our household, it was a grave offence which we did today and even the jail will not accept us, we brought sully to our parents, the school we go to, the nation the world and the entire human race, which was weird to me because there were girls from this premises who were wrapped with their thirty year boyfriends just outside the gates and we just crashed a party.

After thirty minutes, when she was done with vomiting the poison, my dad was done nodding and we were done crying. Our dad looked at us and nodded, we were feeling bad that why we always bring him to this position and we always let him down. We don’t want to, but it happens we always make stupid mistake and he suffers because of us, he is always seated on the other end of the table only to listen to what we did wrong not what we did right. All through school we never gave him that opportunity and I am sorry.

Very sorry

Anyways, the meeting was over with dad being really hurt and White Poison was basking on her egoistic glory, she kept saying that “I wanted them to learn a lesson after this mistake”. My question was and still is: what lesson? My rebel sis just came to the wrong college that is all, and if we really think about it is wrong to come, trespass, walk in whatever you call it but she was sorry and there were other girls who crashed as well, where were they.

The real world really is crooked, if you don’t get caught you did nothing wrong.

Dad drove us home without saying anything, our week was ruined. Mom opened the door started yelling with a little featuring by my grandmother who cannot usually speak when dealing with a crisis but when it comes to bashing she is omnipresent.

After many hours the bashing was over we relaxed but next part of bashing was about to come by our father.

As we were mentally preparing for the bashing part two one phone call brought our screws together, the Backstabber’s Mother called because apparently we were shaming her daughter and telling the world that she is a backstabber, she is a backstabber but it wasn’t right for her mother, which was again new to me because whenever I am wrong my mother never ever defends me plus she hits me. She wasn’t getting hit and getting defended as well, where did she sign up for that. Anyways the call was over and my Rebel Sis had a list to make as to how many people snubbed her today, she was just done when the backstabber’s mom and the backstabber showed up at our place.

Let me give you a little history about the backstabber’s mom she was our high school teacher and my class teacher which was ultra disastrous. I was out of high school but not completely though; in my head I still was afraid of her, I still never drank water in class cause I knew from somewhere she will scold me. So, the student in my heart did the most practical thing anyone would do, I hid in the bathroom like the coward that I am. I had absolutely nothing to do with the whole episode but still I was hiding like I always do in any tensed situation.

As today’s episode was too much to take for my delicate mom she was mediating at the time when the backstabber’s mom showed up and which adult was left to tackle the whole situation my grandmother. While speaking to the Mom my grandmother had no idea what is happening but she was speaking, because speaking is important n matter what the situation is.

The backstabber’s mom talked about my Rebel Sis conduct she was speaking about how she made the tea, the Mom was talking about the college she was talking about which TV show she watches, it was funny but still I was hiding so I didn’t care much.

Meantime, I was on my knees praying that a fight don’t break and the, volcano don’t erupt and Beyonce’s Hold Up comes on Youtube. The only way to know what was going outside was my source, my little bird, my maid who was running around the house, I called her to me and asked what is happening outside, she said “nothing”, I sighed, but that nosey bitch asked to me “is there anything suppose to happen” she wagged her eyebrows I shut her out, no feeding the gossip. The pride of Tiwari household was on my shoulders.

The atmosphere outside was really calm as my sister was done successful in explain what actually went down, the backstabber was done explain it wasn’t her fault that she got caught, which we don’t believe but all was okay. Both the probable backstabber and her mother ate laddus and went away.

My mother still was mediating oblivious to whatever happened outside. She came out we told her everything she was mad but when is she not mad?

Dad was hurt and he still taunts us about it but we gave him some time and…

All was again good.






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