Sister’s Keeper- Part 1

Wednesday, 11th August.

I was watching suicide squad like no one is watching, as I sipped coke from my neighbors’ cup when she was too engrossed in the movie a vibration in my pants made my eyes widen, I put back the and started introspecting currently action scene was going on, do I get turn on by fighting? No. Then what was this amazing vibration? Then I realized it was my phone. I switched it off and continued watching.

When I got out of the cinema I looked into my phone, there were twenty missed calls all by my elder sister. I wasn’t alarmed at all, I knew she called because she wanted some food from the outside world but I was wrong. Twenty-first time she called I picked up, annoyed but she sounded scared, she was crying.

She told me that she is in some office, “dental office” I heard but she shouted and discovered it was principal’s office.

I knew exactly what she had done!

Before starting the anecdote let me give you a little prequel to the whole situation.

So my bold and rebel sister went to this college fresher’s party where she wasn’t a student, it is safe to say that she crashed the party. She wasn’t even remotely related to the college apart from being rejected from that institute.

Anyways, she went in thinking that the thug life chose her but she got caught by some random traitor hoe which landed her into huge dramatic trouble.

And here the story starts. Since, I am not a snitch imma take no names (I am also a coward) I am going to introduce you to the characters.

Rebel sis- my elder sister who likes to play games with the arrangement.

White poison- the principal of the office who was so white she was about to file a lawsuit.

Backstabber- the girl who got her into trouble

Backstabber’s mom- who was also our teacher back in high school

Yin Yan friend- my sister’s best friend

Almost Yan friend- my sister’s best friend two

Fake dad- who stepped up for her

Real dad- who stepped on her

Mom- who cried

Me- who was finding words to write this blog while the drama was unfolding.

When I got to the college I already found her friends waiting outside for me I reached to them and found out the intensity of the situation. My rebel sis was in some real crap she dug a hole for herself and she was constantly falling in it.

Here I present before you the golden well polished lies my rebel sis told the white poison:

  1. Our parents were separated.
  2. My mother lives elsewhere.
  3. We live with our dad.
  4. Our dad is irresponsible.
  5. We suffer a lot at home.
  6. You are adopted(wait, she told me this lie)

My brain exploded, these were not only terrible lies but were bad omens too, oh god! I did a little prayer to the God above and wished for these bad omens to have no effect on us, my eyes were closed and I was chanting some words when one of her friend snapped.

It was my time to go inside and win her freedom for her. She was inside since morning and it was already three hours, I wanted an out for her. Silently, I thought about the time I threw the get out of jail card in the dustbin (this is all karma).

As I reached the office I was welcomed by my crying sister and very furious (or boiling) white poison.

I entered and started yelling about how she kept her captive and how this is unfair and how my little sister is not a threat to the school and how Friends is different from How I Met Your Mother but that white poison had a strong voice box she started shouting louder than me. I backed off, I strive for peace! (I chickened out)

Anyways, as I was continuing the stories of how my parents cannot come, my sister murmured dad is coming, I remembered how her friends were talking about a fake dad, and a fake dad was coming.

And the peon declared arrival of a dad…yes our fake dad is here.


It was our real dad.

…to be continued.


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