How My Blog Came Into Existence

When I was thirteen the bobbling ideas in my brain had to make an escape thus an idea hit me “I should have a blog!” but the idea was put on hold as I didn’t have internet in my house as my parents were paranoid that it may spoil me (as if I wasn’t secretly spoiled) .

Internet was a bad investment for my parents we had bills to pay then, we still have bills to pay, seems like bills never end.

When my twelfth grade was over I was persistent of having a blog.

I whipped out my astrologer’s books all the Vedas lie in front of me, I meditated and studied the stars; the Almighty came in my head ,whispered in my ears sixth of April he said is the holy date.

It was decided.

I told my dad I need it to find colleges, I told him I won’t watch porn (a total lie) and I told him it is really very cheap. Maybe the third point got to him and the internet guy was called.

Just like me, my sister and my mother were exhilarated with the idea of having internet connection. I remember the day we called the lad, young guy of twenty-two, hot and smart in front of whom three females were ready to sell property to get the connection. I already planned to ruin my modem then call him again and again.

He had a small chat, asked us how we were? Enchanted we replied to every question. In the mist of his perfume and black locks we signed up for the plan which was out of our budget. When he handed me the bill I was ashamed I wasn’t able to see myself in the mirror, what have I done? An internet bill that is out of our budget, we will be slaughtered.

And we did got slaughtered when dad arrived we had a war it was three versus the one.

Mom and sister backed off, they gave up saying we only have Whatsapp to operate you can alter the plan (my sister watches Superwoman on Youtube on a daily basis while my mother watches cookery shows). All the blame was on me they said Diksha has to blog she needs the internet, the treachery is a subject to treason I thought but still had to nod. My dad said “What are you doing? Don’t act like an American, what is this blogging blogging what is this writing” he said (in English it sounds better but in Hindi it wasn’t, it made me cry) he thought a while and said no internet connection. Diksha if you want to write, write on a piece of paper don’t care about blogging it’s not real.

We started wailing then my sister in shining amour came forth and said I will pay the internet bill…one fourth of it she later added, but still it was enough for the bargain.

Next day twenty people were swarming my house and joining the internet connection I was sleeping dreaming about Drake so my sister had the responsibility of getting connected to the internet goodness.

But that wasn’t the end of it my stupid sister forgot that the computer needs to be connected to the internet for the blogging to work, the computer wasn’t connected. The blog was delayed once more.

The internet guy was called again made him fix the internet he did some connection and went away this time the hot twenty four didn’t show up only some grumpy middle aged (I don’t why God likes to play games with me).

That day I was super excited I will blog from tomorrow I said to myself went down to play badminton went upstairs and I heard my grandmother shouting, “fire fire!” I ran and saw my maid putting out the fire.

The fire was because of the plug of the modem it caught fire because of overheating or some electronics physics I didn’t understand all I understood was I was in deep trouble.

My mother again pushed me under the bus, I looked back at my history and apparently I was adopted (apparently!).

My pissed dad looked at me, my obsession with blogging got us here, he said stop this you American wannabe but I couldn’t stop I fought my dad that night cried a river and finally next day the internet guy was gain called.

Again the situation was fixed and again I was happy but my room was turned into a wire-ly mess.

The holy date came I was ready to blog this day, I took my pile of papers on which my writing were written I chose the best for the first.

I was wearing rubber slipper just in case the computer gives a shock, my sister was ready with the fire extinguisher and when the computer screen showed connected to the internet we sighed, the computer was surprised though finally it had a reason to live.

First thing I ever Googled was and got started.

I Ctrl+c and Ctrl+v my writing chose templates an eye always on the plug, my mother telling me to be careful my sister telling me to download a song, the hysteria growing and then I hit post.

Hitting post to my first ever blog was the best feeling. I had a reason to wake up every day now.

Three months in, The Brain of Chintu is still over flowing with thoughts, I still wear rubber slippers but my blog fully fledged.




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  1. koolitzable · July 22, 2016

    Keep it up ☺️

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