Can we not?

We are human isn’t it that enough? Why we need similarities of caste, creed and color in order to get along with each other, the color of the blood and same type of digestive system should be enough.

Or so I think.

We made this planet a better place to live in and when it wasn’t a better place we worked together to make it a better place and I am talking about the most rudiment circa of the time, I am talking about early men and women, the cave people who I am sure had no issues with each other. Finally, the world is a better place to live in and when it is a better place we are exchanging bombs instead of books and love.

Like am I missing something? Because last time I checked I didn’t want to kill someone because he was fairer than me, or darker than me , or he took my oil, or we didn’t read same religious books or he made fun of me.

All the fights are pointless. Terrorism never has and never will achieve anything. Whatever the reason might be the killing are absolutely redundant and this situation can easily be solved over a cup of coffee.

Or so I think.

Can we not kill people who allegedly are different?


We all breathe the same air and if you are doing it any differently you need to go see a doctor not kill your Earth-mates.

Can we not get offended for any reason?

Humans have the habit to mock and mimic and you should take it as a complement that he is trying to be like you.

Can we not play the blame game? It is boring!

MUSLIMS ARE NOT TERRORISTS. Nobody is a terrorist. Those people who are killing are psychopaths and sadists who got out to kill because their TVs weren’t working. They woke up and thought today I am going to cause turbulence and blame the almighty, and this stupid can be anyone not just one particular caste.

We are humans and we have the power to change.

You have the power to change.

Please change. Mind your own business.





  1. koolitzable · July 22, 2016

    I agree with you, muslim are not terrorist, regardless of ethnicity or religion, anyone who spread hate and lies and wants war are the one who can be that ☺️

    Liked by 1 person

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