Twenty Four

When having a bad day don’t think about the bad day think about the morning when the sun will shine and you will know that you made it out of that day you will bask in your own glory when you will sigh with relief.

These twenty four hours that you are living right now are the only twenty four hours you have to deal with.

Tomorrow will be a new day and a new set of twenty four hours will be given to you, another shot, don’t mess it up this time and if just in case the yesterday- the nosey bitch decides to linger in your new set of twenty four hours like a crazy girlfriend, you my friend, will run you will run as fast you can and will not let that psycho get to you.

And if you are already running you already have won so might as well make it count.

Start every day like yesterday never happened, like you never failed or succeeded, like you are living it for the very first time!

These are your fresh set of twenty four hours please be cheerful. Nobody, let me repeat nobody will try and cheer you up, not even Calvin Klein models, not Beyonce not Jane Austen will cheer you up until and unless you yourself cheer yourself up.

So my friend, buckle up! Let’s kick this twenty four hours’ bubble butt and let’s nail it! We deserve it!





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