Step out of that Circus


How it feels like when you have your entire life turned into a circus where everyone is laughing at your every move, your hopes which tried to do acrobalance are brought down by the force of gravity, there is no amusement living in the circus but for the world you are a box of amusement, a daily topic on the breakfast table.

Your talents are juggling with skills from one point to another; don’t know where to land, when to land, everything is a tumult and you have no niche. The magic in the circus is long forgotten; with that lousy rabbit in the hat trick you hope on taking over the world. This thought of having your life turned into a circus is a kick in the gut, it knocks the air out of your lungs and you can’t breathe.

But I promise and assure you that this circus will end, you will come out of that tent, wipe your sweat and smile because the chaos is over and finally you are at your niche.

Maybe you stepped into a circus because of some pressure, some shouting kid asking you to check it out or a mis-leading friend who said “try it, it is fun”. This circus which is taking you somewhere where nobody knows but believe, don’t lose hope. You will step out; you will find a place where you are satisfied.

If you are in a circus think for a second, is the outside world worthy enough? If yes then, are you doing enough to step out?

Your goal is a goal for a reason, it is a shining hula hoop in the sky from where you can see the world and if you want to reach that hula hoop you better try some gymnastics. This hula hoop will take you out of this miserable circus.

This too shall pass; this is just a phase, a dark cloud and it will go away as soon as you start trying. Just get rid of that frown-y but smiley face, get rid of that big red nose and stop being the ‘joke of the day’, stop taking crap from people and start reacting, please. Don’t be a joker, don’t take this you are better than this; please try and step out.

Just play ‘Eye of The Tiger’ in your head and fight against that circus and you will make it and when you will look back at it in the future you will smile you will think if I made out of that I will make out of anything. So take control of your life and start trying!

Step out of That Circus, it is beautiful out there.






  1. Zaiyd · June 7, 2016

    Oh yes it is beautiful!
    As beautiful as the way you’ve described everything!


    • The Brain of Chintu · June 7, 2016

      thank you so much!! you are also a great blogger!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Zaiyd · June 7, 2016

        Oh I just started today..I’m so much of a computer geek myself but ironically it took me 5minutes to find the follow button 😂 #silly_me


      • The Brain of Chintu · June 7, 2016

        hhaha man i have been there! but you will like it in here. we are good people 😛


  2. PrisPieDew · June 9, 2016

    Hi, thanks for following my blog! I hope we inspire each other 🙂 xx.


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