How cursing is Therapeutic?

Don’t you just love curse words? I do! Though my curse vocabulary is not that strong and I only know one or two words but I am well aware of the ravishing feeling it gives and how amazing saying a curse word makes you feel.
The phenomenon of the curse word is simple: channel all your anger and despair through your vocal cords, to your mouth, towards the person or situation. Let loose the word which will, for sure, make you feel better. The therapy is strong and worth giving a try, whenever you feel angry just slowly and steadily say the word and let the magic happen.
Curse word therapy is so popular and successful for the simplest of reason: it is for free! Like the sound of that, right?
What do you get for free in this world? Hate, right! And curse word is the most refine form of hate; if hate were a movie, the lead character would be the curse word, which would win an Oscar because of it mind blowing performance and would be the most wanted.
The curse word therapy is best in so many ways, not only it drains the anger but makes you feel so good, so energetic and it gives you a feeling of self-worth. After performing the therapy you will feel like you achieved something; just one or two maybe three words (based on your misery) and you will get so many benefits like what are you even waiting for? Sign up for the curse word club and join the pirates, sailors, and your uncle.
This therapy makes you a better person too; scientists say that a person who curses a lot is really honest. So, ladies now you know who to look for and gentlemen and you know what to do.
The holy concept of concealing, not showing, hiding the anger or spitting the anger is old and total crap because the volcano will explode. The anger you felt when How I Met your Mother ended terribly can come out when your cheese doesn’t melt perfectly and that my friend is not fair, was it the cheese because of which made Ted make a wrong decision? So why to throw the cheese why not just use the therapy and say it out loud with me: f*** you Ted! And all will be fine.
One word so many meanings, curse words are not just therapeutic but are holistic in its development; you don’t just say curse word you can use it in so many different situations with so many different people and live happily! English standard words have nothing on curse words. Decades after decades curse words had shown its glory and continue to do so.

The best thing is there is a buffet of curse words thanks to Jersey Shore in America and Big Boss in India you can choose whichever you want, totally your choice, you can over-curse and say sorry or under-curse and say it again, whatever you like! Accessorize with smaller curse words, under breath taunts and insults, wear with shiny examples of the past or just say it alone. A curse word always has the power to stand alone because it is awesome and needs no buddy.
I personally will recommend not cursing moms and sisters, those are just so the nineties they are completely out of fashion and has no style those words are not meant for anyone. Why curse mothers and sisters when the person is crooked use a word that suits the person and the person only.
The choice of curse words depends on your anger, person’s face, situation and your values so seeing these categories I believe you should make a good choice of words that will make you stand out from the rest.
The therapy will be completed if you massage your temples while cursing or after cursing, this will leave your skin rejuvenated and your mind refreshed a new avalanche of goodness will overcome you but this goodness can make you do good things like saying sorry; in my opinion, sorry can make things better and you both can hug and make up (or out, who knows?) so saying sorry will be better than being mad forever and continuing with therapy for a long time. For best effects you may say sorry and add it with a smile.
A cautionary note: the therapy is pg rated so please please don’t perform it in front of the children. Your performance of the therapy in front of the children will cost the adult union a lot, our secret of feeling forever refreshed will be out and kids will use it in bad ways kids are (little minx) so let’s not hand them our secret therapy because it adult’s and teen’s (teens are grown up!)
So the therapy will make you feel better than ever and energize you to a different level. Always keep in mind how beautiful the world is and instead of using the other forms of hate you can use this free, nonviolent method with guaranteed effects.



  1. Ritik Jaiswal · May 16, 2016

    U wrote my mind out….*cursing to take out anger till you feel free*


  2. thatgirlwitharedscarf · May 17, 2016

    Fuck me! This is me!


  3. thatgirlwitharedscarf · May 17, 2016

    Fuck! That’s me all the time


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