Curves are the new Straight.

The curve is defined as a deformed line. A curve, a big huge curve will have a brain that sometimes works, questionable decision-making skills and a weird set of thoughts, you know like an average human not like a robot.
The people who are deformed and fail or the ones who are dejected and alone do all these curves don’t deserve anything just because they are strayed from the line, from that straight path and the conformation burdened on them by society. Don’t they deserve anything just because they are a curve?
There are so many curves in the world, the ones who are not perfect and often fail. In my opinion, everyone living on the face of the earth who lacks the straight line and who rebels against this arrangement of ‘accepting the straight only’ is dejected by the straights and perfect, the perfect-s who are beaten up by hammer till the time of birth and are made straight, crisp and boring.
Straights are lambs that follow others; curves have a brain of their own. Have you ever seen a baby walk? Does a baby walk in a straight line, no, because that child is innocent he is naïve and a prude to the maze of the straight, if straight ever got to the baby it will teach the baby to walk in a straight line? This is what the straights do; they shove their opinion and beat the curves to conform to it.
As straight lines are perfect the society worships them. But has the thought ever occurred to you, straight lines are so boring they either stand or sleep, some are slanting who are in the process of growing a brain they will eventually turn into curve if the nasty world didn’t get to them.
The world is very crooked and it does not like the curves but baby the earth itself is made of curves, quite literally, and life is one big curve it is full of twists and turns and people are also curved coming in the way curve getting tangled, untangling, getting hooked and further curving. Curves find their perfect curves and just fit like a puzzle, the gaps in one curve is filled by the other and are called perfect, perfect but not straight.
Crocked love, which is the outcome of curve love it is the rebellion against the conformation of the same sex love. They are curves, they are happier curves and do they need your validation? No! They thrive out of their curviness and are the kings and queens of their own. Salute to such curves.
Straight lines are boring, they all look the same but curve, on the other hand, are so different, they and bend in different ways whatever they are like they bend in that direction. Bending, here, is the thought process, a simple person is simple bent and complex people are one big tangled curve (me!).
So, embrace your curves and bends and always remember, in a forest, straight trees are cut first.


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