How papers rule the World

Today the world runs on a piece of paper those optionally biodegradable sheets with stuff written on it which controls the humanity, just when you think the world is enough twisted a piece of paper slams you down and crushes your hopes.
The most important paper got to be the money; the currency notes not only gives us the materialistic pleasures but also is a way to get accepted in the society, we also use it to control other human beings with the means if it.
“Throw the money and watch them dance”
It is popular and a hundred percent true; no matter how confidently we say money is not important we do end up cursing the Mc Donald’s employee when he rolls his eyes when we give him coins. We do give in to the material benefits further proving how important money is. None of us have the courage and enough money to help those in needs, money is hard to let go and forget about others think about yourself: how many times this piece of paper stopped you from getting what you want, it could be a dress or your favorite college.
Another important piece of paper since the beginning of times is the degree. Yes! You are talented we know but until and unless we don’t receive a piece of paper which conforms to your talent you don’t deserve anything in this world, not even a dog. You have to spend most of your lives in an institution listening to someone’s speech and learn everything a night before and write it on a paper in three hours and forget everything as soon as you exit the room, you will get mentally disturbed in the process and of course another important piece of paper will flow out of your pocket but it assure a job which has nothing to do with the stuff you “studied”.

Also, in a sub-rant, I want to bring light to the fact that how pointless the three-hour rule is, whatever you studied your whole life is to be written in three hours or you fail! And just in case three hours, something goes wrong, you fail!
Forget about the paper.
If your job requires you to use a computer the personnel won’t believes a living human being who says “I know what computer is” but believe a paper from some institution (bigger the better)
In the crooked world another paper which is important is the legacy and lease, yeah that tells everyone that the property or some money or a dog or anything belongs to you but those things are really important in a way so let go.
On the contrary to the modern world, there are some emotional papers that mean the world to us: like the letters from your beloved who is in the border fighting for the nation the anecdote of his adventures with the stain of tears, the promises that he will come back. That paper is truly important!
Or the paper with the messed up writing of a child which says that he loves his mother that means the world to the beholder, she will guard it with her life. That paper is important!
Or the ‘open when’ letters a patient is writing on the hospital bed to everyone in the family, pouring out the slightly dysfunctional heart, putting to words the love she feels, making up for all those moments she has missed and will miss in future.
The most important letter, in my opinion, is one that Mr. Darcy wrote to Elizabeth which made her understand “how ardently he loves her” which shown her the true side of her lover, how beautiful the words were which made her walk a distance and unite with her love, if that letter wouldn’t show his glory Pride and Prejudice would never happen; or they could’ve texted each other with emojis.
Also, the application from your dream job or favorite college you once received; the proof of your worth and the result of your hard work, one step closer to the dream life in your head, a sense of accomplishment and self-regard.
The wedding card of the unity of you and your lover; the sealing the deal and telling the world that we are together. You went through all the fights and quarrels and finally you are getting married everything is perfect and you are ready to spend life with your love, forever.
And last but certainly undoubtedly indisputably not the least the books; those stacks of paper are a piece of wonders to the beholder and does marvel to one’s life. For a reader, it’s a card to a different world for a writer it’s the outcome of the hard work and grit.
There are some hideous papers too like bills or your high school friend’s wedding card when you yourself is happily in love with Netflix but these are just a hurdle to an important one.
Anyways, next month my important paper is coming let see what I have earned after spending my whole life in a classroom and learning things I can’t recall.


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