Unemployed Ghosts

Ghosts all around the world are packing their bags, putting their stuff in a cardboard box and picking up a photo frame which has a picture of Bloody Mary – their idol, and are leaving the office; an office which is already abandoned by humans is now being abandoned by ghosts. Different types of ghosts are signing off the ghost-book and bidding farewell to each other with the promises of meeting in a cemetery. All appointments are being cancelled and the monsters under the bed are coming out with the monsters in a closet; they are moving off to some misty land into nothingness. Some notorious kids sneak to take one last look at their victim and try to scare us, a futile attempt.
This is a serious recession every ghost is unemployed and they are sad thinking about how they will feed blood to their crooked neck kids or thinking how they will pay bills of the ghost junction. Everything is a tumult; as ghost exit earth for the same reason as they entered earth countless years ago:
Humans are the cause that unemployed ghosts, they are the ones who replaced these innocent scary creatures.
What did they demand from us? They just asked for our screams and panic, all they required from us was stupidly closing our eyes in the shower so that they can stab us and what we gave them rationality? Worse, we took away their jobs!
We are the real ghosts! Now ghosts don’t scare humans, humans scare other humans. From dressing like the big foot for Halloween we became the real big foot human are the “big foot” indeed. As we are causing grave offences like rape and sexual harassment all around the world humans, we are causing terrorism and murder. Innocent children are not scared of the monster in the closet but are scared of the really creepy uncle who won’t quit looking at them. They can for once go near a ghost and hug them tightly for security but will never be alone with their driver.
This is the main reason as to why ghosts are unemployed humans took their place. Now nobody is scared of ghost everyone is scared of humans: sadist cold blooded animal who can take a life for pleasure, that conscience-ridden lady who ravishes little girls for money. Every human is scared of their fellow human beings because they don’t know when the time will come and some hand will take away their life.
Earlier we were scared of walking alone at night because a ghost might appear and make us scream or if extreme will make us run for our lives till he re-appears at our home lurking from behind but that was end of it, take God’s name and he is gone, but these days this arrangement is totally different we still are horrified of walking alone at night not because a ghost will appear from nowhere but his counterpart a human will appear and straight up kill us, there is no other way, and this resolute creature does not even go away by God, even God is fed up of humans; you never know what they say against Him but that is a different story.
Hades- the god of underworld must be so happy right now; first, he had ghost and devils that made us scare and made him stronger but that scheme was such a downer that he made humans into devils and now humans make him stronger; God’s own child makes him stronger.
When humans use to die they use to go to heaven or hell and some chosen one use to stay as the ghost but now every human is going to hell and hell alone, no choice left.
Hollywood is also not overlooking this fact; it is making stories like Saw, Scream and Psycho parts 1 to infinite because it occurred to them that real ghosts are humans so they make stories about killers not the classic Exorcism of Emily Rose which is about boring ghosts, seriously who watches exorcism anyway when you can watch blood bath of humans.
The stupid scream who wants to kill human took away gullible reverse walking Emily’s employment.
Forget about average forest prowling ghosts think about veteran ghosts like- Ghost of Anne Boleyn, The Flying Dutchman or The Brown Lady. These ghosts ruled over people’s fears for decades and decades and now they are irrelevant? How will they live without people screaming? They are used to all the luxury that other average ghosts served them and now all is gone! Thanks to you human! Sleep with an eye open, maybe they will come back from retirement and scare you into believing in them.
But that is a ghost dream now.
Welcome to the twenty-first century where ghosts are better than humans but still are unemployed. Just because they are not ruthless and shameless they don’t deserve a job, what is this Wall Street?
Halloween will see kids dressing up as rapists and murderers, not zombies, yes zombies are over too they wanted a girl’s brain, not breast, boring.
The dark streets are free of creepy ghosts there is no peek-a-boo but instead, there is peek-a-human.
We should really stop this recession and give back ghosts their jobs. Why we humans feel a need to control everything? Why can’t we become a teacher, doctor or even a professional t-shirt folder guy? Why a ghost? Why a rapist or why a murdered?
I promise society will not judge you if you became a stripper but it will sure as hell hate you if you become a ghost.
P.S- The monster in my closet please comes back I miss the way you looked at me while I slept.


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