Who is the Perfect Girl?

For the girls who aren’t goddess and who look up to other girls and yearn for perfectionism lets me draw a map which directs you to the place where all perfect girls exist in their natural habitat.

First question: Who are perfect girls?

Girls with the perfect body, perfect talent slaying the world with her smile; is she perfect? Honestly yes! But my tummy, the two-inch blubber says a big no! The #goals are a big delusion, like the delusion that leaves you flabbergasted for a while. They are missing out on pizza, burger and of course Nutella… like seriously they are living without Nutella and eating those straight out of the garden, organic, pest free, dirt free, full benefits leave as we speak. Clearly they are not perfect not even a little bit.

Second perfect girl on my list is a girl with a perfect carrier and a perfect body, she is perfect! and a pretty face will add more to the package (shallow and punny) but sweetie the amount of hard work she put into making her life that picture perfect life you see in front of the curtains is almost pitiful.

Maybe she is coming home to an empty house where only her loneliness waits for her, maybe the haze of the good life drift her away from the life that really matters; she is using concealer to hide those dark circles, the evidence of her sleepless nights, and she bows her head down to hide those tears, the evidence of the forlorn, but she doesn’t stop because she is on a pedestal she is the idol of thousand on-lookers like us the on-lookers who calls her perfect!

Fine okay, let’s dive into that shallow pool and split our skull: money makes up a perfect life. There, I said it all those people flaring their nostrils and ready to attack stop! It is true! The world revolves around mollah. But (there is always a ‘but’ around money) babe money will not fill our hearts with its warmth, that warm will not cuddle is in the dark night or provide us ice cream when we are PMSing.

So now fourth: the perfect girl is your friend who is going to a good college. She will make a good career there sure and have a good life and live without constraints. But innocent girl, she is leaving behind the memories of her childhood her mother’s arms, her sister’s banter, her father’s love and most of all the place she grew up in; she is going to a completely different territory without any security and when she will forget to call any of her friends on the phone because of the differentiated time zones she will be called arrogant and “changed”, is this what you call perfect?

Now on to the pep talk: girl to girl, let me show your button eyes what perfect is and I won’t be talking about me no I will be showing the real perfect to you again it’s not me.

You just have to do a little activity:

· pick up your phone

· take a selfie possibly with a pout

· and look into it

The face staring back at you is perfect she is the real #goal she is the one who has the power to run the world she is in the words of Beyonce : “Smart enough to make millions; Strong enough to have children” and the girl looking at that picture is a fool, she is the most delusional, naïve girl who thinks she is not good enough and ended up reading the article.

That girl looking at the picture is stupid enough to think even for a second that she doesn’t have a good body or her life isn’t going anywhere. Whatever your definition of perfect is, you are perfect, you are flawless and you are #goal. It’s about time you start to love yourself and don’t make me smack you in the head Ms. Virtual co-lady.

Get your crap together and believe in yourself, you don’t have anyone to believe in so might as well lift up that penury low self-regard and look into the bright pretty side sunshine.

You are a perfect girl and perfection is within you!


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