My problem with Modern Literature

Books are the key to an alluring world; it is a parallel universe providing a sweet escape from everything. We open a book and get lost in its tales and find ourselves in a pleasing world, a world of dreams and fantasies, a world created by a soulful writer which connects to us in many ways.

But the main reason of a book has being corrupted by the modern stack of commercial papers. I don’t call them a book they are just a movie script, a big box office collection movie stars portraying their talent and reading the book for “connecting”, the book which is filled with mostly pessimism, anarchy and betrayal is not an escape it is just a mirror of the real world.

Almost all books are filled with tumult; from the ruins of some establishment gives birth to some superhero who is meant to change the world and makes it a better place in the end of six to seven long volumes of the same book, same characters and almost same situation, same villain trying to sabotage a peaceful world the same play of words. The literary of the books is lost somewhere in the midst of action and high-end romance along with the modesty of the book where nobody knows

What are we leaving behind for our children? Fifty Shades of Grey where the protagonist almost an antagonist uses a girl for his pleasure, the group of three books filled with the language unknown to most to of us, the conflicts of thoughts and lack of connections. What we need right now is to create a legacy for our children in future; this way the future education will be secured just like our great grandparents left us the pieces of exemplary literature, a bound of papers which tells a story that blows our mind. The old literature which improves our English and makes us believe!

Are the books these days able to provide a perfect escape?

The modern literature which is totally commercialized do not inspire a kid to become a writer, it is not what a girl dreams when she sleeps, it is not made of the real world which can be better. Whenever a girl sleeps she doesn’t dream about the loving world of Pride and Prejudice and how Jane Austen has woven life into every character, how reading her works makes one feel better and that Mr.Darcy is somewhere waiting for each of us Elizabeth’s now they dream about teen wolves or vampires.

One more problem with the modern literature the catch phrase “happy endings are not real” yeah, guess what we know that because we live in a nasty world where people are ready to feast on our sorrows, what we don’t want is the proof of that nasty world on a paper we pick up the book and try to escape from the situation but what we find in that book protagonist is dying, he is killed because well…happy endings do not exists. We are tired of the melancholy of the real world and you know where the happy world exists? In our imaginations in our head which are full of dreams and wonders now, the real world has to get to our brains and has destroyed the candy land . My questions are: What is wrong with the happy ending? knowing and believing that people do make it to the happily ever after.

I promised myself that I will leave a copy of best novels for my daughter (I don’t have a daughter yet) but what if she is not able to pass on that book to her daughter because she coffee stained it or her pet ate it or something bad happened to the book will the perfect escape seize to exist the doors of the heaven will shut down forever and worse what if my daughter is not a reader and prefers movies over book over books I can’t let Mr. Heathcliff be a distant memory alive only in the murmuring of Alzheimer patients.

It is my appeal to all the mega-minds out there to create a legacy and in order to create a legacy we must re- create the past.


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