Real vs Fiction

The distance between reality and fiction measures infinite, they are so not the same thing; But it’s the universal attitude of human beings and our tendency to mix the two up; it could be our less knowledge in grammar (that maybe we don’t understand the real meaning) or our tendency of living in a bubble away from all the worries and responsibility, not caring about the massive destruction in Area 51 or a kitchen nightmare in our neighborhood. But there are few people who are ‘realist’ and do not mix up the two and currently, they are not exclusive.

For those who don’t know the meaning of real and fiction, I would like to shine some light of knowledge towards the definition of the two: real means something that exists or which is possible or which is tangible and fiction being something which is not possible does not exist and is mostly made up. Don’t trip, here is the ultimate example; the satisfaction of hitting the snooze button on your alarm clock is fictional and what comes next is real. Got the idea so let’s carry on shall we?

So based on the theory that some people live in bubble blah blah blah there are two types of people ‘the daydreamers’ the more accepted term being “optimistic” and then there are ‘realist’ the unacceptable term being “pessimist”. The daydreamers mostly are found in their natural habitat called ‘a busy place’ where they are dozed off making up things that are not possible or way out of their league and the realist can be found poking the daydreamer from their sleep.

Now we know what is real and what fiction is and who are the loyal disciples of the two which makes us very much validated to weigh the two.

Being a slave of fiction and always imagining things like they are bound to happen is not wrong we need to find something to be preoccupied. And imaginations only leads us to success. Those people who have the power to change their imaginations into reality are winners and those who keeps dreaming are in a politically correct term and in a very discreet manner are losers! But not all of us are losers some of us exceptionally great persons who dream about candy mountains, chocolate waterfalls and unicorns well those creatures are called kids (am I still a kid, I need help).

Fiction helps us to see things, better things it plants the seed of hope in our hearts and pushes us to do better. Look at your current state are you happy? If no, then imagine yourself in an improved state, do you feel happy now? Fiction, daydreaming and dozing off leads to happiness if not the success. Fiction makes room to improve, it helps us to plan our lives. What if what we are planning does not make their way out of the head into reality? We may get lost in between and can’t change our fiction to reality
( POP! Here that bubble of yours popping?) but that doesn’t mean you lost your right to dream. Keep dreaming it helps you sleep great and gives you a reason to get out of bed and make some name in this world if not name then coffee. Great stories like Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes, and the Mortal Instrument are the birth of the great imaginations and are known as fictional stories sure we can’t find Hogwarts and get a diploma in magical science but we can artificially feel it harry potter theme parks are the answer.

We should not let the poor realist hanging, okay living, in reality, is practical and umm stupid and makes your life boring and don’t forget you are not exclusive.

So learned your lessons yet, never stop dreaming and live in a wonderland because that’s cool and makes you relate-able to most of the people reading this. Dream cause its free.


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